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Chapter 990: Rather Inappropriate Images

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He couldnt figure it out either.

He was doing just fine alone without Ye Tianxin before.

However, his mind was filled with rather inappropriate images after being with little Tianxin.

After all, Tianxin was still a child.

He really couldnt do that to a child.

He had to wait for her to grow up to become his bride.

Only then could he slowly taste this heavenly dessert for him.


Ye Tianxin thought Xi Jinchuan looked quite witty and sensitive.

Theres no way hes going to ransom the man for a million yuan!

Li Qingcang held Ye Tianxins hand and asked, “Are you saying no”

Ye Tianxin nodded.

“I bet he will.”

Li Qingcang was not familiar with Xi Jinchuan, even though the Xis was not one of the core families.

Relatively speaking, they were kind of on the periphery.

However, Li Qingcang felt that there was nothing that Xi Jinchuan could not do after the latter tried to talk about Tianxin earlier.

“One million! Will he pay the money”

Ye Tianxin thought 1 million yuan was quite a lot of money.

Li Qingcang felt that Ye Tianxins little hands were so soft.

“One million yuan may be a little too much for others, but it is an easy thing for Xi Jinchuan.

Wait and see, he will definitely pay one million to redeem him.”

Xi Jinchuans cousin felt a bit wrong when Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin said his cousins name so casually.

Did it mean that these two people knew his cousin

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Were they up to something

He couldnt let his cousin get into trouble and be reprimanded by his uncle for it.

“Hey, you two, I will take full responsibility for my actions.

If you have something against me, just come to me.

Dont stab my cousin in the back.”

The mans righteous and awe-inspiring appearance made Ye Tianxin laugh.

She was just overwhelmed by this mans divine logic.

It was obviously that he was doing bad things under Xi Jinchuans name.

How come it became that they were now plotting against young master Xi

“How could someone as clever as young master Xie have such a stupid cousin like you”

The man gritted his teeth and glared at Ye Tianxin ruthlessly.

The little girl looked soft and weak.

She couldnt hurt a fly.

Why was she speaking so horribly

“Who the hell are you”

The man saw that Ye Tianxin and Li Qingcang were so calm, and he couldnt help but doubt their identities.

He had no idea who could have been called the Little Overlord of the Imperial Capital ten years ago.

The people like Xi Jinchuan might know the Little Overlord of the Imperial Capital.

However, how could someone like the man, who didnt even know Li Qingcang, knew the Little Overlord of the Imperial Capital

“You will know when your cousin comes.”

Li Qingcang didnt want to talk to someone so insignificant.

He motioned for Ye Tianxin to sit in front of him.

“When Xi Jinchuan comes, we will let your classmate go out to deal with him first…”

Whatever he did with Ye Tianxin would make people happy.

Li Qingcang wanted to set up something to trick Xi Jinchuan now.


Ye Tianxin nodded with a smile.

She also wanted to see what kind of expression Xi Jinchuan would have when he came.

“Unfortunately, I met Master Xi on TV station last time.

Otherwise, I can do it myself.”

Li Qingcang raised his eyebrows, and his cold eyes showed a cold, killing intention.

“You dont have to rip a man like him in person.

He doesnt deserve it!”

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