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Chapter 2042 – : The End (2)

Qiao Yiyis words were full of emotion.

Lu nanze seemed to have understood something.

When he thought of the news the Butler had told him, Lu nanze knew why Qiao Yiyi had lost her composure.

This woman.

When it happened, she didnt know how to be gentle.

When it was over, she finally revealed the fragile side of a woman.

This was the only way she could finally look like a woman.

At this thought, Lu nanze reached out his arms and hugged Qiao Yiyi tightly.”Silly girl.”

These three words were filled with a sense of doting.

Qiao Yiyis heart ached when she heard that.

It turned out that being protected by someone could be so blissful.

She pursed her lips and turned to look at Lu nanze.

After a while, she finally smiled.

At this moment, time was quiet.


In the police station.

Liang Liangs situation wasnt good.

He stared at Zhao Si, who had turned himself in, and frowned.”Why did you turn yourself in”

Zhao Si smiled bitterly.”She killed Qian Jin and made Li Hang wish he was dead.

She forced me to die.

I can only turn myself in.

That way, Ill have the best life among the few of us.”

Liang Liang frowned.”She didnt kill Qian Jin.”

Zhao Si immedia tely waved his hand.

“Then who could have killed him Even if she had an alibi, Qian Jins death was so coincidental that she couldnt have killed him.

Liang Liang didnt speak.

The murderer who killed Qian Jin was still being investigated.

They suspected that it was Li Tingting, so they had sent people to check the scene.

However, there was no evidence of Li Tingting at the scene, so there was no way to Sue her.

Recently, he had been leading a group of people to look for evidence of Li Tingtings crimes.

However, the more he searched, the more he realized that Li Tingting didnt seem like someone who would kill.

So Who killed Qian Jin

The group of police officers in the police station were all very angry.

They were racking their brains because of this matter.

But now

If what Zhao Si said was true, then was Qian Jin really killed by Wu Hen

No, he couldnt.

He shouldnt have doubted wuhen.

Although Wu Hen was a thief, he always had a sense of righteousness.

It was impossible for him to kill someone.

Therefore, even if what Zhao Si said was true, he could not believe it!

He stood up and walked out of Zhao Sls interrogation room.

As soon as he walked out, his phone had a signal and immediately rang.

He looked down and saw that it was Mother Bai calling.

He frowned and picked up the call.

Mother Bails reprimanding voice immediately came from the other side.”Liang Liang, why havent you come yet Do you know that Anan needs you now Are you even a man your wife miscarried because of you! VVhy didnt you come to see her”

Liang Liang took the phone away , hung up the call and walked away.

He had only taken two steps when a policeman suddenly came over.

He looked at Liang Liang and said,””Brother Liang, I found new evidence! ”

Liang Liang stopped in his tracks.”What”

The police officer immediately waved at Liang Liang.

Liang Liang followed the policeman into the room.

The policeman pointed at the computer on the table and said to Liang Liang,””Two.

At first, this video that was mistaken as fake evidence to prove that Qiao Yiyi was the murderer was captured by an ignorant child Its not fake at all! It was real! This means that Qiao Yiyi was really in the club when she scored 29 points!”

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