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Chapter 2043 – The End (3)

Hearing this, Liang Liangs heart trembled.

He stared at the video on the computer.

At that time, they had suspected that the video was fake and had been photoshopped, so they had taken it to the technical department to check it.

They had only come to a conclusion today.

However, Liang Liang couldnt accept this conclusion!

He stared at the video and frowned.

No one knew what he was thinking.

The police continued,”Im confused.

If this video isnt fake and there are no traces of Photoshop, whats going on So, I checked the surveillance cameras around the area and found out that … When the court started, the footage that Lu nanze and the others sent to court was only the part where Qiao Yiyi left.

As he said this, he opened one of the videos.

Twenty-two minutes later, Qiao Yiyi left the club.

“Didnt he leave”Liang Liang asked.

The police officers face was filled with disbelief as he stared at the video.

Even though he had just watched it and discovered the truth, he was still a little shocked.

“Please continue watching Continue watching

And then

As the car drove forward, there were surveillance cameras at every road section.

However, after two minutes, Liang Liang found that the car had gone around the club.

Then, the car suddenly disappeared from the surveillance.

The police officer immediately explained, “Ive been here before.

Theres a blind spot between this surveillance camera and the next one that the surveillance camera cant capture.

Please continue to watch .

He continued to read .

Liang Liang continued to stare at it.

After a few minutes, the car finally appeared at the next place it should have appeared.

The police officer stared at Liang Liang,”he disappeared for five minutes and this place is the backyard of the club.

The wall there is not high, so we can climb over it According to wuhens skills, there should be no problem.”

The police officer spoke again,”all of this, when put together, proves that wuhen did leave the room at 20 minutes.

There was no time to kill.

However, she did that to give herself an alibi.

In fact, after she left, she came back!”

‘ISO, the murderer of Qian Jin is Wu Hen!”

Liang Liang felt as if he was struck by lightning by his resolute words.

He stood rooted to the ground, staring at the video in disbelief.

When the incident happened, he suspected Wu Hen.

However, Lu nanze had used solid evidence to prove that Qiao Yiyi had not killed anyone.

He felt guilty when he found out that he had wronged Qiao Yiyi.

Therefore, he had never suspected her during this period of time.

Even when Bai Anan was certain that it was her, and even when she told him the cause of her mothers death, he still chose to believe in wuhen.

But now

What could he do when the truth was right in front of him

He walked out of the room in a daze and stared at everything in the police station.

Everyone was in uniform and they were walking around to maintain social order.

He recalled the slogan he had shouted on his first day at the police academy.

He thought of the oath he had once made.

Liang Liang couldnt help but pick up his cell phone.

He found Lu nanzes number, which he hadnt seen in a long time.

He called him, but Lu nanze only picked up after a long time.

Liang Liang was silent for a while and then said,””lf she really did kill someone, what should I do”

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