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Chapter 2047 – The End (7)


“What did you do” the police asked.

“To kill.”

As soon as she said this, the police took a step back and looked at her vigilantly.

Someone took out a pair of handcuffs and arrested her without saying a word.

Then, he pressed her shoulders and said,”follow me to the interrogation room and tell me what youve done!”

As Qiao Yiyi was being pushed forward, she turned back and glanced at Lu nanze.

Then, she smiled and opened her mouth.

What she said surprised Lu nanze.

She said,”Wait for me.”


Lu nanze had already changed out of his pajamas and was wearing a suit.

Liang Liang came in a hurry.

Seeing Lu nanze, he said,””She pleaded guilty and admitted that she killed Qian Jin, but she said that Qian Jin caused her mothers death.

She took the initiative to plead guilty and apply for a lighter sentence.”

Lu nanze did not say anything for a moment.

After a moment, he asked,”what will be the final verdict”

Liang Liang sighed.

“Ive checked.

The lightest sentence is 15 years in prison.”

It had been fifteen years.

Lu nanze suddenly laughed.

Fifteen years later, she would be forty years old and a middle-aged woman.

And he was already in his forties.

However, he had already waited for five years, so what was 15 years

Thinking of this, he laughed.

Liang Liang looked at his smile, narrowed his eyes, and sighed after a while.

He had the evidence and was hesitating.

Even this morning, when he looked at the recordings, he had the idea of burning them.

However, before he could do anything, he received a call from the police.

He had never thought that Qiao Yiyi would turn herself in.

But now, from Lu nanzes tone, it seemed that he didnt want to do anything else.

Was he going to wait for her for 15 years

He did not know what to do.

However, Lu nanze stood up and walked towards the door.

So what if she was in jail she still had him and Kaka.

He and Kaka would wait for her to come home.

Thinking of this, his steps became light.

Moreover, they could visit her often.

Even when he had nothing to do, he could come to jail to accompany her

Thinking of this, he walked to the door.

Just as he opened the door, he heard the police say Liang, brother Liang! Someone has turned himself in!”

Liang Liang stared at the old man in front of him.

Uncle li smiled and looked at him.”l saw you when you were dating miss.

But now, I cant let Miss take the blame for me.

Liang Liang was stunned.”But how can you prove that you killed Qian Jin”

Uncle li paused and smiled.

“When miss came back, I had already killed Qian


He looked at Liang Liang,”miss doesnt know the details of killing Qian Jin.” He thought that I didnt torture Qian Jin, but in fact, I didnT.

Qian Jin was in great pain before he died.

None of you might know why there were water stains and tissues at the scene of the murder.

It was because I wet the tissues and put them on his face.

After a few times, I finally killed him.

Liang Liangyuan stood up straight at those words.

At the scene of the murder, there was indeed a wet basin and a box of tissues, but no one thought so much at the time.

So it was like this.

‘Madam didnt want miss to know the truth because she didnt want miss to bear too much responsibility.

However, I didnt want those sinners to get away with it, so I encouraged miss.

However, how could I let miss be stained with blood”

Uncle li stood up.”So, Im the real murderer.”

After Liang Liangs strict supervision, he found out that uncle li was telling the truth.

The courts final decision:

Qiao Yiyi was acquitted.

Uncle li will be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

[Authors note: well, basically, the main story is over.

There are still some things that havent been explained clearly, such as the wedding.

Ill put them in the side Story.

Ill continue to update and write some of their sweet scenes as a Side Story.

Then, if you want to watch any small side Story, you can leave a message.

Ill write it carefully.

But Im not sure about the time and amount of updates.] Im going out tomorrow-due to the typhoon, most of the flights might be delayed.

I might not be able to reach the hotel tomorrow night, so the update time tomorrow is uncertain-xoxo-if there are no updates, everyone can come back to read i t the day after tomorrow–finally, Ill announce my new book.

The title is “Hello, my little sweetheart.” Its scheduled to be released at 5 pm on September 8th.

Xoxo—l hope everyone will support me when the time comes..

Thank you for reading on myboxnovel.com


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