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Chapter 2048 – Bai AnanS Ending (1)

Ever since the last time she was in the hospital, the doctor had told her to stay in the hospital for half a month and then go home.

When she heard that Qiao Yiyi had surrendered, she was so excited that she couldnt control herself.

“He deserved it!” She scolded Bai Mama.

However, even if she turned herself in, she had lied to the court, so she definitely couldnt be given a light sentence! Mom, contact my dad.

A life for a life, and sentence her to death!”

Mother Bai immediately nodded.”Alright, alright, I got it.” Dont worry, Ill remind your father.

Bai Anan nodded and then frowned.”No, I have to go to the police station to see how this is going to be handled.”

No matter how mother Bai tried to persuade her, she couldnt change her mind.

In the end, she had to give Bai Anan thick clothes and the two of them went to the police station.

As soon as he entered, he heard director Bai discussing Qiao Yiyis sentence with Liang Liang.

Director Bai frowned.”Although she didnt cause a serial murder, she has affected us badly.

We cant let her continue this trend.

If she gets a light sentence, everyone can take their own revenge in the future.

Whats the point of the law”

Liang Liang couldnt help but say, “her situation is different.

Her mothers death.

Can our law solve her case

Director Bai laughed coldly.

“Hes just a thief.

If hes dead, so be it.

Why are we seeking justice for him”

Liang Liang frowned.

“You cant say that.

Shes also a person worthy of respect.”

Director Bai said in disdain,””Respect what Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Lets talk about the case ofWu Hen.

I think it must be a death sentence! Even if its not a death sentence, youll have to slow it down!”

Liang Liang immediately said, “no!” This is too heavy!”

“Ha, a life for a life.

She intentionally killed people.

How is that heavy”

Liang Liang was about to say something when director Bai stood up.

“Its decided.”

His attitude was very domineering.

Liang Liang frowned.

Director Bai waved at him.

Liang Liang paused and said ruthlessly, “‘We cant just let this matter rest.

If director Bai thinks its inappropriate, Ill go to the Attorney General of the court!”

He turned around and wanted to leave.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Bai Anan standing at the door.

She sneered at them.”Do you really want to run for her that much” She killed someone, and you still like her so much Let me tell you, as long as my dad is the Bureau chief, she can forget about Living a Good Life! So what if you

found the Attorney General for her As long as sheS in the cell, believe it or not, even if shes sentenced to a day of imprisonment, I can make her die without an intact corpse

Liang Liangs face turned pale.

“Dont you dare!”

“I dare! How was it Anyway, Im barefooted now and Im not afraid of wearing shoes!”

Liang Liang was furious.

He stared at her and said,”you, you I want a

divorce ! ”

“Divorce What a joke.

Do you know who is in charge of the marriage Department If my dad doesnt agree, who would dare to file for a divorce!”

Liang Liang was so angry that he couldnt say anything.

He turned around and left.

Looking at his back, Bai Anans eyes turned vicious.

Director Bai couldnt help but sigh.

“111 be the bad guy here.

Thats enough.

Why are you so serious

Bai Anan sneered..”So what if I say that” What can he do to me Dad, as long as youre the director, no one will dare to bully me!”

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