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Chapter 2050 – Bai AnanS Ending (3)

Lu nanze was the Overlord of this place.

Even director Bai had to put up with it sometimes, but just now, for his wifes sake, he had actually lowered his head …

Thinking about it, he felt secretly happy.

Thinking of this, he patted Bai Anans shoulder.”Their family has lowered their head to us, and they have regained their dignity! Dont make things difficult for that Wu Hen, hes just a thief!”

But Bai Anan felt that it was not enough.

She had found an opportunity and finally met Qiao Yiyi.

She immediately rushed up and sneered,””Qiao Yiyi, Ive always said that youre capable, but I didnt expect that youd still let a man help you when something happened! I would have forgiven you if you knelt down and kowtowed to me, but you went to find your man and my father.

Hehehe … But your family really has a lot of money, thank you!”

Qiao Yiyi looked at her as if she was looking at a lunatic.

“Im just afraid that you dont have the Fortune to enjoy that much money!”

Bai Anans face turned pale.”What do you mean

Qiao Yiyis phone rang before she could say anything.

Mother Bai cried and shouted, “Anan, were finished! Your father has been taken away by the people from the Procuratorate! They said that someone had evidence and reported him for bribery!”

After Bai Anan heard this, she thought about what Qiao Yiyi had just said and suddenly understood.

She stared at Qiao Yiyi.”You Did you guys

Qiao Yiyi pouted.

“You reap what you sow!”

Bai Anans face turned pale.

Her legs gave way and she fell to the ground.

Director Bai was reported for accepting too much bribery and was sent to the capital for trial.

The Bai family had completely declined.

All of the Bai familys assets had been seized.

Bai Anan and mother Bai ended up on the streets overnight.

She looked at the people on the street in a daze.

Finally, she started to look for Liang Liang like a crazy person!

Liang Liang had just come out of the bank when she found him with the reporters.

Bai Anan narrowed her eyes and ran up to Liang Liang.”Liang Liang, what are you doing here” Are you transferring your assets Im telling you, even if my father is out of power, you cant abandon me so quickly! Ive brought reporters with me.

If you dare to abandon me and not leave me a single cent, Ill expose your matter and make your reputation go down the drain!”

As soon as she said this, she saw Liang Liang staring at her with a little surprise.

The last bit of feelings Liang Liang had for Bai Anan disappeared.

He smiled bitterly and looked at the reporter.

Then, he took out a bank

card and handed it to Bai Anna.””Theres  500000 Yuan in here.

Its my salary and income over the years.

Ill give them all to you.

Bai Anan was stunned.

Liang Liang stared at her.

“And our house, well give it to you.”

“Anan, Im willing to leave the marriage with nothing.

Lets get a divorce.” He reached out his hand and patted Bai Anans shoulder, then turned around and walked out.

The plot changed so quickly that Bai Anan stared at the bank card in her hand for a long time.

She finally came to her senses and ran to Liang Liang, crying.

“Liang Liang, I dont want money anymore.

I only want you.

We dont want a divorce, dont divorce

Liang Liang was determined.”Anan, please let me go and let yourself go.”

After he finished speaking, he ruthlessly pushed away her fingers that were holding onto him and strode away.

Bai Anan fell to the ground and burst into tears.

She had worked so hard for so many years and fought for so long, but in the end, everything was for nothing!

[PS: is Bai Anans ending okay] If everyone thinks that its not enough, then Ill write more ruthlessly tomorrow-

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