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Chapter 2054 – [Side Story: Innocent Playmate (3)]

Shen Wuxins eyes widened and he looked at Kaka angrily.

Kaka blinked and then continued to ask sweetly,””Brother Wuxin, why dont you eat Or do you not like me, so you dont eat my food”

Shen Wuxin was speechless.

Why was this person so dramatic!

However, at this moment, the group of adults around them had already turned to look at the two children.

Qiao Lian raised her eyebrows and looked at Shen Wuxin questioningly.

If Shen Wuxin didnt take it, everyone would definitely think that he was disobedient and unruly.

Shen Wuxin furrowed his brows and said,””Then you feed me!”

Kaka …

Kaka put the chocolate into Shen Wuxins mouth.

Shen Wuxin, who had never liked chocolate, forced himself to eat it.

In particular, the chocolate had been held in Kakas hand for a long time and was a little hot.

The taste when it was eaten …

Shen Wuxin wanted to vomit.

Qiao Yiyi was the first to laugh.

“I didnt expect the two children to be so close.

Lets see if they can become friends!”

Shen Wuxin was speechless.


The two children laughed at the same time, and then immediately stuck out their tongues at each other!

Only a ghost would be good friends with the other party!

After eating the chocolate, Shen Wuxin•s smile was very sweet.

After greeting the elders, he pulled Qiao Lian along and explained the matter of the belt.

The child usually wore clothes without a belt.

Today was Qiao Yiyis wedding, so she wore a tailor-made suit and a belt.

Who would have thought that he would drop his belt into the water!

Qiao Lian looked at him as if she had seen a ghost, making Shen Wuxin feel very embarrassed.

He decided that he had to get back his face!

In Beijing, he was the king of the children, and everyone listened to him.

He couldnt lose to a four-year-old boy like this!

Shen Wuxin, who had changed his pants, stared at Kaka.

After staring at it for a long time, he finally saw that Kaka couldnt stand the loneliness and quietly slipped away to play.

Shen Wuxin followed behind Kaka and ran out together.

Kaka was in front.

He found a small stone and squatted there to play.

Shen Wuxin ran over quietly and launched a surprise attack!

He directly lifted Kakas two legs.

After all, he was one year older than her.

Moreover, Kaka was a girl and was only a little smaller than a boy, so Shen Wuxin easily picked her up and took off her pants.

He gave her a tight slap on her fair and tender butt!

“How dare you scheme against this young master, this young master will make you unable to find the North!”

After he was done, he threw her on the ground, patted his hands, and stared at her.”Hmph! You let me be naked once, and I let you be naked once.

Now were even Uh, wheres your little penis!”

Shen Wuxin took a look at little Kaka, who was looking at his butt.

Because the shirt was a little long, he couldnt see it clearly, but he still saw the part where a boys little penis should be bulging, so he was surprised.

Kaka looked down at him and then


She opened her mouth and burst into tears!

Shen Wuxin was speechless.

Shen Wuxin finally realized that he seemed to have made a mistake!

He stuttered in shock,””Y-y-youre a girl”

Kaka paused for a moment, then immediately pulled up his pants and started crying again.

Shen Wuxin hurriedly chased after her.”YVhy are you crying” Chen, dont cry

Its my fault, okay I, I saw your ass, why dont you Shen Wuxin gritted his teeth.

“Forget it.

Ill marry you when you grow up!”

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