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Chapter 1955 – Enemies On A Narrow Road (5)

The assistant smiled wryly and said,”its like this.

We had an appointment to have dinner with him yesterday, but he suddenly canceled it.

I was shocked and thought that our company had offended him.

After asking around, I found out that it was Lu nanze who had canceled all his plans for the day and stayed at home.

I heard that his son had returned from abroad and he was at home with the child.

It wasnt us who had been targeted …”

When Qian Jin heard this, he nodded and thought for a moment.”Its good that theyre not targeting us, but we still have to be careful.

Before I came to Suzhou, the old man specifically told me not to offend Lu nanze and that it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

But Lu nanze actually has a son Why havent I heard of it before”

The assistant immediately lowered his head.”This matter was also exposed recently.

In the past, it was kept a secret.”

Qian Jin pondered for a moment and then said,””ln that case, you should go and see who the childs mother is.

It wont do us any harm to build a good relationship with her.”

The assistant immediately nodded.

“Did you invite Lu nanze today” Qian Jin continued.

The assistant nodded.”l did, but Im not sure if hell come.”

Qian Jin frowned.

On the other side, Qiao Yiyi and President sun wanted to get close to Qian Jin but they were stopped by the staff.

“Im sorry, boss Qian is a little busy now,”a bodyguard said with a smile.


Qiao Yiyi looked over.

Qian Jin was clearly talking to his assistant about something.

It didnt look like a serious matter.

They were probably chatting.

Thinking of this, she looked around.

Only then did he realize that the crowd had unknowingly been divided into several groups.

When people with a little bit of status got together , small companies like theirs would be stuck at the outermost.

This Qian Jin was really a person who judged the person.

At this moment, the people who came were definitely not of high status.

So Qian Jin put on a show and just sat there, being watched by everyone.

He chatted with his assistant.

That look was obviously to give them a show of authority.

He was also telling them that he, Qian Jin, was not to be trifled with.

However, the more he acted this way, the more the merchants wanted to curry favor with him.

It was said that the Qian family that Qian Jin came from was not ordinary.

They had a very high status!

Director sun was already frowning.

He looked at the competing companies around him and sighed.”Look, all the companies that are more capable than our company are here.

Do we still have any hope tonight”

The rest of the colleagues could not help but remain silent.

Everyone knew that their company would not be able to participate in the project tonight.

Qiao Yiyi narrowed her eyes as she thought about how to stand out from the crowd.

At this moment, a discordant voice suddenly rang out,”” Qiao Yiyi”

Qiao Yiyi was taken aback.

She looked over and saw a woman standing next to her.

It was Li Tingting!

Back then, the Li family had been trying to frame Lu nanze.

Even after Li Tingting had tried to rape Lu nanze that night, the Lu family had more or less tried to suppress the Li family.

It had been five years, and the Li familys company had not been doing well.

They had also been reduced to the point where they had to compete with other small companies to cooperate with Qian


When Li Tingting saw Qiao Yiyi, it was as if she had seen her enemy!

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