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Chapter 1964 – : Who Is It(4)

Qiao Yiyi left the hotel and drove her sports car on the road.

She thought to herself that she would definitely not be able to go to work tomorrow.

So, was he going to the Lu family to pick up Kaka today

Or just let Kaka stay at the Lu family for one night

After all, it was already so late.

Moreover, he had to deal with company matters tomorrow, so he was not in the mood tonight.

Moreover, its already so late, Kaka should be asleep already, right

At this thought, Qiao Yiyi picked up her phone.

Then, she realized that her phone was turned off.

She immediately switched on her phone.

The moment she did so, a call came in.

She was slightly taken aback and immediately picked up the call.

She heard the Butlers voice.”Madam, are you alright”

“Im fine.

Whats wrong”Qiao Yiyi didnt understand.

“Thats bad! It seems like this is a trap!”

Qiao Yiyi was shocked.”Whats wrong”

“Someone just called and said that you wanted to compensate Qian Jin for his sleep.

They even sent the private room number.

They should be here soon!”

Qiao Yiyis pupils shrank when she heard this.

She seemed to have thought of something and her face turned pale.

Then, she calmly said to the Butler,””Okay, I know.

Ill go find him immediately!”

She quickly hung up and gave Lu nanze a call.

However, no one picked up Lu nanze•s call.

Qiao Yiyi didnt say anything.

She immediately turned the car around and ran back to the club.

She couldnt let Lu nanze enter the private room.

If he were to get into a fight with Qian Jin

She couldnt let Lu nanze get involved in this.

Because she was already prepared to cut ties with Lu nanze.

Thinking of this, she stepped on the gas and the car sped towards the club.

A few minutes later, the car finally arrived at the club.

Qiao Yiyi saw Lu nanzes car parked downstairs.

He must have left the door open in a hurry.

Qiao Yiyi ran over immediately and saw that the drivers seat was empty.

His phone was there, and the housekeeper was calling him.

Qiao Yiyi furrowed her brows, looked up, and ran upstairs.

The private room they were in was on the third floor.

Qiao Yiyi didnt wait for the elevator and ran up the stairs.

She had just reached the third floor and pushed open the door to the staircase when she heard a loud “bang”.

It must have been Lu nanze who had kicked the door open and rushed in.

Qiao Yiyis face turned pale.

She quickened her pace and was about to rush over again when she heard the door of the next room being pushed open.

Immediately, the two bodyguards rushed out and went straight to the private room!

Qiao Yiyi heard one of the bodyguards exclaim,””President Qian!”

The other bodyguard shouted, “call the police! Quick, dont let anyone leave! Call the police!”

“Murder! Murder! Lu nanze has killed someone!”

Qiao Yiyi staggered when she heard this.

She took a step forward in shock and was just able to see the situation inside through the open door.

Qian Jin was still tied to the sofa.

But at this moment, his eyes were wide open.

And he was missing a piece of glass on his forehead!

That glass shard was a fatal blow!

Qiao YiyiS pupils shrank when she saw this.

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