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Chapter 1966 – Who Is It(6)

Qiao Yiyi looked at him like he was a good friend.

However, the complicated look in her eyes when she looked at Lu nanze showed that she could not forget him.

Liang Liang knew that he shouldnt be jealous.

It was all in the past.

Now, he and Bai Anan were husband and wife … And they were living a decent life.

So, he nodded at Qiao Yiyi and gave her a reassuring look.

Then, he turned around and walked into the room.

Since Lu nanze had found Qiao Yiyi, he wasnt in a hurry.

Seeing Liang Liang come in, he nodded at him.

Liang Liang couldnt help but sigh.”Young master Lu, youve really caused me a lot of trouble these years!”

Lu nanze did not say anything.

Liang Liang frowned and looked at Qian Jin.

Qian Jins hands and feet were tied up, but the fatal wound was the glass shard on his forehead.

The glass must have come from the broken beer bottle on the table, because there were broken pieces of glass on the ground.

Liang Liang walked around the room, then frowned and squatted in front of Qian Jin.

The blood on Qian Jins forehead did not flow out because it was blocked by the glass shards.

However, his eyes were wide open and filled with fear.

It was as if he had received a shock before he died.

However, he must have been shocked when he saw the glass shards stabbing at him.

Therefore, Liang Liang had no doubt about this.

He walked around the room again, but he didnt see any other traces.

He furrowed his brows and said, “”The forensic doctor isnt here yet”

Along with this sentence, a clear and pleasant female voice was heard.””Theyre here!”

Everyone turned around and saw a petite figure in a forensic uniform walking in with her own suitcase.

The girl was very beautiful, but her character was very cold.

She had a plain smile on her face, without a smile.

She walked to Qian Jin, opened the box, took out gloves, put them on, and began to check the cause of Qian Jins death.

As she looked, she explained, “Before Qian Jin died, he wasnt tortured.

He was killed by a knife.

No, he was killed by broken glass.

“The things tied to his body should have been some time since he died.

The victim didnt struggle violently before he died, so he should have been killed by someone familiar.

His eyes were filled with shock and fear.

Its even more certain that he knows the person who killed him.”

The girl spoke slowly, but she gave off a sense of trust, as if what she said was the truth.

The moment he said that, one of the bodyguards pointed at Lu nanze and said,””Our Sir knows Mr.


‘Yes, our master knows Mr.


Liang Liang frowned when he heard this.

“Dont be so loud! Just because your Sir knows Lu nanze, does that mean that Lu nanze is the murderer Let me tell you, in order to determine whether a person has killed someone or not, in addition to witnesses and physical evidence, there is another thing, and that is the motive for killing!”

“Lu nanze and your Sir have no grudges against each other.

In fact, their families are business partners..

You said that hes a murderer, so why did he kill him If you cant give him a motive today, then even if all the evidence points to him, or even if he admitted that he was the murderer , he wont be convicted of murder!”

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