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Chapter 1968 – Who Is It(8)

Qiao Yiyi was stunned by his words.

The great CEO Lu obediently went to the police station.

If word got out, it would definitely be the biggest news in Suzhou!

It would also be the biggest scandal of the Lu family!

Lu nanze clearly knew all this.

Even if he had really killed the man, he should not have been taken away by the police.

Instead, he should have contacted his lawyer and let him handle the follow-up.

However, he was doing it now, and he was so cooperative …

Qiao Yiyis heart warmed.

She immediately understood what Lu nanze meant.

He was protecting her!

If he had explained that he wasnt the murderer, then everyones suspicion would have been on her!

That was why he couldnt deny it now.

He even helped her temporarily.

The purpose was to stall for time, then find the real murderer and clear their names.

When Qiao Yiyi understood this, a warm current spread from her heart to her limbs.

In fact, even if they suspected her, it was nothing.

She just had to follow Liang

Liang to the police station and find the evidence that she didnt kill anyone.

Then she could be released.

But Lu nanze was so protective of her, it was obvious that he didnt even want her to go to the police station.

He was simply Too stupid.

Qiao Yiyi lowered her eyes.

She didnt know what to say or do.

She could only stare at Lu nanze and Liang Liang quietly, a complicated look flashing in her eyes.

Li Tingting couldnt care less about that.

She looked at Qiao Yiyi, then at Lu nanze.

Thinking about how Lu nanze had been the reason the Li family had fallen all these years, she suddenly felt hatred for him.

She bit her lip and said, “Lu nanze has always been very protective of his own people.

When his woman was touched by someone else, he must have flown into a rage out of humiliation.

I saw him rush into the room with my own eyes, and then I heard the sound of a glass shattering! So, Lu nanze is definitely the murderer!”

Qiao Yiyi raised her head immediately.

‘Youre talking nonsense!” After he entered the room, there was no sound of glass shattering.

Youre talking nonsense!”

Li Tingtings eyes narrowed.”What nonsense am I spouting anyway, theres a forensic doctor here who can verify the fingerprints here!”

Qiao Yiyi was also anxious.

“But when Lu nanze came in just now, he didnt know where I was and messed up the scene.

I cant explain the fingerprints

Li Tingting sneered.

“Do you have an excuse for everything I dont believe its such a coincidence!”

The Qian familys assistant and bodyguards immediately looked at each other.

Qian Jin was dead.

If the murderer was Lu nanze, then at least it could be explained.

But if the murderer was someone else, then it was the result of their poor protection.

Hence, at this moment, they could only insist that it was Lu nanze.

The two bodyguards immediately stood up and said, “yes, it must be him! I saw him in the room when I entered.

Who else could it be if not him”

Qiao Yiyi was furious when she saw everyones reaction.

She knew that this group of people was going to put on a show of pointing out a deer as a horse today!

However, of all things!

The evidence she could provide was not trusted at all!

She was so anxious that she opened her mouth and was about to say something when she heard the forensic doctor sneer.

“Are you all delusional How could Mr.

Lu be the murderer

[PS: Keke, forensic doctor Feng Jiji has come out as a guest-how many people still remember this person] Let me give you a hint, her brother is called Fengshi-lalala, please give me a monthly ticket-

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