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Chapter 1983 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(13)

As soon as she said this, she suddenly heard a strong voice coming from the door.”Ive never heard that evidence is needed to convict someone.

I didnt know that.

If I want to prove my innocence, I actually need evidence”

Hearing the familiar voice, Qiao Yiyi turned her head immediately.

She saw Lu nanze leading his team of lawyers over to them.

He walked in front with his back straight.

When he saw Qiao Yiyi, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He stared at director Bai and said in a domineering tone,””Im seriously suspecting that the police station is trying to force a confession out of you.

Otherwise, why would there be such a big fire So Im here to bail her out again.

Hearing this, director Bai narrowed his eyes.”Mr.

Lu, what if I say no”

Lu nanze laughed and said,”then well have to let the media be the judge.

Director Bai, youre not the only one who knows how to use public opinion to oppress others!”

Director Bais pupils shrank at the words.

It was a mistake!

He only wanted to give wuhen a clean break and stop wasting time.

But who would have thought that someone could actually survive such a fire

But now, she had given Lu nanze something to use against her.

If the matter was reported, it would be the police stations fault!

However, for the sake of his reputation, director Bai still said forcefully,””However, we have the latest evidence to prove that she is indeed still in the hospital with a score of 29.

So, she cant be bailed out.

“1f you cant even guarantee your own safety in the police station, why dont you let me bail you out”

“As long as shes a suspect, we have the right to detain her!”

Neither of them took a step back.

As they were confronting each other, they suddenly heard another voice coming from outside.

“I can prove that she is innocent!”

The moment he said this, everyone turned their heads and saw Chen Yansheng walking over slowly.

He looked at the group of people and sighed.

‘That day, after Qiao Yiyi left the room, she was with me.

I can prove that she was no longer in the club after 20 minutes!”

When Chen Yansheng said this, both sides had their own thoughts.

Liang Liang narrowed his eyes.

He didnt know why, but he looked at Lu nanze.

As expected, Lu nanze narrowed his eyes and looked sharply at Chen Yansheng.

When Qiao Yiyi saw Chen Yansheng, she felt helpless and anxious.

She sighed and stared at Chen Yansheng.

She wanted to say something but Chen Yansheng shook his head at her.

Qiao Yiyi didnt want Chen Yansheng to be involved in this matter, but now

As she was thinking, she heard Lu nanze say,””Were certified now, I wonder if director Bai can release her”

Director Bai narrowed his eyes.

“But the video .

Lu nanze interrupted director Bai and said,””The video is evidence, but we have witnesses.

Now I suspect that the video you have is fake! I request to bring the recording to the relevant department for inspection!”

Director Bai furrowed his brows.”Mr.

Lu, arent you being a little nosy Logically speaking, the current miss Qiao has nothing to do with you.

Is it worth it for you to hire a lawyer for her”

Lu nanze laughed when he heard this..

He suddenly looked up at director Bai and worth it to hire a lawyer for your wife”

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