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Chapter 1984 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(14)

Everyone was shocked by his words.

Director Bai looked at Lu nanze in confusion.”Didnt you …”

“Divorce Director Bai must be joking.

Didnt you go and take a look Legally, were still husband and wife.

After he said this, he looked at Qiao Yiyi.”Although you signed the divorce agreement back then, we still hadnt completed the divorce procedures.

So, you are still my wife.”

Qiao Yiyi was speechless.

As the person involved, she thought that she was single!

However, she didnt expect that a divorce would be so troublesome.

While they were arguing, Liang Liang suddenly said,””Ill handle the bail procedures for you.

As soon as he said that, director Bai turned around and looked at him angrily.”Liang Liang!”

Liang Liang looked up and sneered,”l think Lu nanze is right about one thing.

The suspect is the most unsafe in our police station.

In that case , why not let her stay outside” Moreover, the physical evidence had already been suspected because of the presence of a witness.

Before the video was proven to be real, could it be used as evidence to frame the suspect If thats the case, why cant you apply for bail”

Director Bai was speechless.

In the end, Qiao Yiyi was still bailed out.

The fire that was supposed to take Qiao Yiyis life had become the reason why she could be bailed out.

After leaving the police station, Qiao Yiyi stood outside the door.

Lu nanze stared at her and said,”Yiyi, Kaka misses you very much at home.”

He walked to his car and opened the door for her.

Qiao Yiyi furrowed her brows and looked at Chen Yansheng.

Chen Yansheng laughed helplessly.”Then you can go and do your work today.

If we have anything to say, we can talk another day.

After saying this, he turned around and left.

But before she could leave, she heard Qiao Yiyi say, “Wait a moment.”

She looked at Lu nanze and said,” Ill go pick up Kaka later.”

Then, without turning back, she followed Chen Yansheng and got into his car.

Chen Yansheng looked at Lu nanze helplessly, then got into the car and drove away from the police station.

Lu nanze stood there, staring at Chen Yanshengs car.

There was an inexplicable emotion in his eyes.

It turned out that Qiao Yiyi would rather go with Chen Yansheng than him.

So, was she really in a relationship with Chen Yansheng

On the other side, Chen Yansheng was driving and Qiao Yiyi was with him.

Qiao Yiyi only looked at him after they could no longer see the police station behind them.”l told you not to get involved.

Why did you still come

When Chen Yansheng heard this, he sighed.

“I heard that you almost got into trouble.

If I didnt come over, would I still be your friend”

Qiao Yiyi was speechless.

Qiao Yiyi stared at Chen Yansheng.”But you werent even in the club that night.

Where are you

Chen Yansheng felt a slight headache.”lm eating alone in the restaurant.”

Qiao Yiyi lowered her head.

“Im done for.

I hope no one can prove that you werent in the club during that period of time.

Otherwise Your lie would be exposed too easily!”

Chen Yansheng was also very helpless.

However, under those circumstances, he had no other choice.

If Qiao Yiyi continued to stay in the police station, she would definitely be plotted against.

She had to be bailed out!

Moreover, since director Bai had taken action, Qiao Yiyi could never fall into the polices hands again!

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