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Chapter 1985 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(15)

Since director Bai had sacrificed so much and was discovered by Liang Liang, he would definitely not let Wu Hen go.

Everyone knew that as long as Qiao Yiyi was still in the police station, she would not live to see the sun tomorrow.

Therefore, everyone was trying their best today to bail her out!

At that moment, Qiao Yiyi knew that she had to thank Chen Yansheng.

This was because he had unknowingly gotten involved in his own affairs.

She stared ahead and sighed after a moment.

Finally, she said,””Actually, you dont have to do this.

Lu nanze will definitely find a way to take me away today.

And you should also know that even if I cant leave … I will leave by myself.

However, at that time, he would become a fugitive.

She was afraid that she would have to leave Suzhou with Kaka and leave the country.

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Yansheng spoke again,”but, can you leave now”

Can you walk

Qiao Yiyi fell silent again.

Yes, she couldnt leave.

She hadnt finished what she had to do when she returned to the country this time.

Even if she couldnt come out openly, she would probably have to hide her name and go back to her previous life of being wanted by the police.

Qiao Yiyi frowned.

Chen Yansheng immediately laughed.”Alright, since things have come to this, you should go back and rest.

YVhere should I take you”

Qiao Yiyi looked at the time.

“Lets go to the Lu family villa.” Kaka is there, she hasnt seen me for two days, she must be scared.

Chen Yansheng nodded.

He looked at Qiao Yiyi and hesitated.

“1f you have something to say, just say it.

YVhats with the hesitance

Chen Yansheng laughed.

“You and Lu nanze …”

Qiao Yiyi also frowned.

“I really didnt expect that the two of us hadnt filed for a divorce yet.

I thought I was single!” She said.

Since Im free these few days, Ill go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with him to get the divorce certificate.

Chen Yansheng was silent for a moment, but he still spoke,””Lu nanze has been very good to you.”

“But thats not what I want.” Qiao Yiyi interrupted Chen Yanshengs words.”The love I want is one thats devoted to me, without any other things.

However, he could never give me these.

Theres always another woman in his heart, and that woman will always be above me.

When Chen Yansheng heard this, he stopped talking.

After Qiao Yiyi said this, she smiled bitterly.

“Besides, what right do I have to talk about love now

Chen Yansheng didnt dare to speak anymore.

He drove Qiao Yiyi to the Lu family villa.

When Qiao Yiyi got out of the car, she said to Chen Yansheng,””Wait for me here, Ill go pick up Kaka and leave.”

Chen Yansheng nodded.

Qiao Yiyi entered the villa.

The Lu family villas butler had long known that she would come over, so after she arrived, he immediately took the opportunity to bring her to a bedroom on the second floor.

Qiao Yiyi nodded to the Butler and said, “Has Kaka been a good girl in the Lu family these two days Did you make a scene”

As he said this, he pushed open the door and walked in.

However, she didnt expect the door to be closed from the outside the moment she entered.

Qiao Yiyi jumped in shock..

She looked up and saw that the person sitting on the sofa in the room was not Kaka, but Lu nanze!

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