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Chapter 1987 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(17)

At the thought of this, Lu nanze slowly released his grip on Qiao Yiyis shoulder.

He lowered his head dejectedly, took a step back, and let go of her.

Now, he didnt have the right to ask her about those things.

He took a step back, and Qiao Yiyi was free.

Although she felt that Lu nanze was acting very strange today, she did not think too much about it.

She opened the door to the study and walked out.

When she reached the door, she suddenly thought of something and stopped in her tracks.

Without turning her head, she said directly,”when do you have time lets go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get the divorce certificate.” In case this matter cant be handled smoothly.

Lu nanzes heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

He wanted to say something, but he didnt know what to say.

The thing that she had been afraid of and hiding in her heart was finally brought up by her.

In fact, they had not filed for a divorce.

When she appeared, he did not want to tell her because he was afraid that things would turn out like this.

If she didnt know, he could still convince himself that Qiao Yiyi was still his wife.

However, if she brought it up and he followed her to the Civil Affairs Bureau, then he and Qiao Yiyi would really have nothing to do with each other.

Just like now, she still said those words.

Lu nanze frowned.

He wanted to say no, but he did not know what right he had to say no.

He was silent for a while and did not speak.

Qiao Yiyi strode forward.”Call me when youre free.

Im probably free.

After all, I wont be going to work tomorrow after this incident.”

Lu nanze remained silent as he looked at Qiao Yiyis back.

When Qiao Yiyi left Lu nanzes study , she saw the Butler waiting for her in the living room downstairs with Kaka.

Upon seeing her, Kakas eyes lit up and he immediately rushed over.

“Mom! Ive missed you so much! Why didnt you come to pick me up yesterday”

Qiao Yiyi rubbed her head and smiled.

“Im sorry, my little Kaka.

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot.

Ill come earlier today to pick you up so that you can accompany me.

Kaka nodded and then said to the  Butler, “ Uncel Butler, well be leaving now.


The Butlers heart melted when he heard the child-like voice.

He immediately nodded.

“Okay, okay.

Young master, see you tomorrow!”

Kaka laughed, revealing his little white teeth, very cute.

Qiao Yiyi led Kaka out of the Lu family villa and into Chen Yanshengs car.

Chen Yansheng drove her to the villa that Lu nanze had given her and her daughter.

After alighting from the car, Chen Yansheng did not do anything else.

‘Youve been busy the whole day.

You should go back and rest.

Ill take Kaka back to the villa, “Qiao Yiyi said.

Chen Yansheng nodded his head.

Qiao Yiyi led Kaka into the villa.

“Boss,” Chen Yansheng suddenly spoke.

‘Whats wrong”Qiao Yiyi raised an eyebrow.

Chen Yansheng was silent for a moment before he spoke, “”Come to my company to work.

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.

Chen Yansheng laughed.

“1 know what you want to do.

Now that Im involved, its hard to explain.

Why dont you come to my company to work” At most, if something happens in the future, I wont want my company anymore and youll support me!”

Chen Yanshengs words were said in a very relaxed manner.

But when Qiao Yiyi heard it, she félt an extra heartwarming feeling..

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