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Chapter 1991 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(21)

Hes not staying in my house!

At that moment, Lu nanze felt that this was the most moving sentence in the world.

His eyes lit up and he stared at little Kaka in disbelief.”What did you say”

Chen Yansheng and Qiao Yiyi were already a couple.

From Qiao Yiyis words, she wanted to divorce her and then marry Chen Yansheng.

They were already in this state, but they still didnt live together

Perhaps…They were only in Suzhou and not living together

As soon as this thought came to her mind, she saw Kaka turn his head in confusion.”Uncle Chen is not familiar with us, why does he want to live in our house”

Lu nanze was taken aback.”Not close”

Kaka nodded.”Thats right.

When I was overseas, I didnt even see Uncle Chen.

It was only when I returned to China that mom brought me to see him once, but it was only once Mom said that Uncle Chen was her very good friend in the past, but now, mom doesnt want to have any contact with Uncle Chen either.

She feels that its not good.”

The more Lu nanze listened, the more excited he became.

He was almost certain that there was nothing going on between Qiao Yiyi and Chen Yansheng!

But the next moment, he couldnt help but think.

Since there was nothing going on between Qiao Yiyi and Chen Yansheng, why did Qiao Yiyi use Chen Yansheng as a shield

She wanted to use Chen Yansheng to reject him.

He could not help but smile bitterly at this thought.

He didnt expect that she would tell such a lie in order to reject him.

Lu nanze frowned at this thought.

After a long while, he looked at Kaka.

“Can you not tell mom about our conversation just now

Little Kaka immediately nodded.

“0kay! ”

Any-vvay, the conversation just now was nothing much.

Lu nanze reached out and patted her head.

“Good girl, take care of your mothers hand tonight.

Ill bring you breakfast tomorrow morning.”

As soon as he said this, Kaka jumped up excitedly.”Good, good! Dad, see you tomorrow morning! By the way, dad, dont leave when youre here tomorrow.

I want to go to the amusement park!”

Lu nanze nodded and said,”okay.”

Kaka immediately waved his hand.

“Daddy, Baibai.”

Lu nanze started the car.

After they left the villa, he stopped the car by the side of the road and turned to look in their direction.

Because he was quite far away, he could see that the lights on the second floor of the villa were still on.

She didnt know how much time had passed before she finally saw the lights on the second floor turn off.

He took out a cigarette from his pocket and put it in his mouth.

When he was about to light it, he suddenly thought of what Kaka had said about not letting his father smoke.

So, she put the cigarette aside and just stared at the second floor.

The feelings that had been suppressed surged up again.

For five years, Wu Hen had not looked for anyone else.

Did this mean that she was not that heartless to him

Didnt this mean that He actually still had a chance

These thoughts made him feel like he had been revived.

He suddenly felt that his life was filled with hope again.

He curled his lips, suddenly turned the car around, and headed home.

Well, when I go back tonight, I must learn two more dishes from the nanny.

When she cooked for them tomorrow, she must remember to put the rice in the pot first.

Qiao Yiyi had no idea what Lu nanze was thinking.

At this moment, she was holding Kaka.

Little Kaka had already fallen asleep in her arms, but she was staring at the ceiling.

Perhaps it was because she had just slept, so she couldnt fall asleep now..

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