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Chapter 1993 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(23)

As Qiao Yiyi was thinking about this, she heard Lu nanze say,””Because Im your father, of course I know.”

Kaka didnt understand, but when he saw Lu nanze say this with such a serious face, he suddenly felt that his father seemed to be omnipotent.

Hence, he nodded.

Qiao Yiyi was speechless.

Kaka had always been a curious baby.

In the past, he would always get to the bottom of things, but today he was so easily dismissed

This was simply … Unbelievable!

Qiao Yiyi finished her breakfast in shock.

Then, she saw Lu nanze turn around and put the food in the kitchen.

Qiao Yiyi ignored him and went upstairs.

Her hand was injured and she couldnt touch water.

It was summer now and she didnt take a shower last night, so she actually felt a little uncomfortable.

She really wanted to take a bath!

However, looking at her scalded hand, she knew that she had to dispel this thought.

How she wished that someone could help her wipe her body.

Qiao Yiyi sighed and saw Kaka walk over.

She stared at Qiao Yiyi for a while and then suddenly said, Dad just asked me if you took a shower last night.”

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.

She answered vigilantly, “What did you say

“No, mom, why didnt you take a shower last night” she asked.

‘Mom hurt her hand!” Qiao Yiyi said.

“But youre not injured.

Mom, youre already stinky!”

Qiao Yiyi was speechless.

After staying in the police station for a day, she couldnt take a shower and was also smoked by the fire.

She had sweated a few times.

At this moment, not to mention Kaka, even she herself felt a little disgusted.


It was very embarrassing to be said like this by Kaka!

Especially when Lu nanze had asked Kaka .

Especially when Lu nanze had asked Kaka .

So Lu nanze also felt that he was smelly

Qiao Yiyis mouth twitched.

Although she didnt want to have anything to do with Lu nanze anymore, as a woman, being despised by a man for being unhygienic, it was simply Frustrating!

Qiao Yiyi sat there, feeling conflicted.

Then, she heard Kaka  sit down.

Ill help you wipe it.”

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.

She turned her head and looked at Kaka.

Kaka was four years old this year, but he was still small.

Standing there, his height did not even reach her waist.

When she said this, Qiao YiyiS heart was filled with warmth.

Perhaps it was just a small matter, but when an insensible child said it, it would always make people particularly touched.

Qiao Yiyi nodded at Kakas reaction.


Kaka then walked towards the bathroom.

“Then, mommy, take off your clothes and sit on the sofa.

Ill come and wipe your back for you immediately.” Qiao Yiyi obediently took off her pajamas.

Because they were at home, she wasnt wearing any underwear under her pajamas.

She just sat on the sofa and lay there.

Just as he was thinking about enjoying little Kakas service later, he heard the door creak.

She didnt pay much attention to it and thought it was Kaka.

Then, he heard the sound of a towel being twisted in the basin.

She said, “Kaka, you have to use more strength later.

Moms back is so itchy.

I havent bathed for two days.

I feel like mud is coming out from my back!”

Kaka didnt speak.

Just as Qiao Yiyi was about to turn around, a hot towel was placed on her back..

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