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Chapter 1998 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(28)

Qiao Yiyis pupils shrank and she quickly shielded Kaka behind her.

Then she heard Lu nanze sneer,”Im lu nanze.

Who dares to shoot me”

When these domineering words were spoken, everyone was stunned.

Some of the special police officers might not know who Lu nanze was, but they were all stunned by his words.

Hence, no one dared to shoot.

On the other hand, when the police officer on the ground heard the name Lu nanze and saw who he was, his pupils shrank.

Qiao Yiyi was worried about Kaka, so she came down first.

Lu nanze was right behind her, so the police did not see him for a while.

Now that he was here, he knew that it would be difficult today.

Even though his face was swollen from the punch, he still struggled to get up from the ground.

He looked at Lu nanze and said with a smile,””Mr.

Lu, I didnt know you were here.”

Lu nanze looked down and sneered,”what do you mean by that you dont know Im here, so you can bully my wife and child”

The police officer choked and coughed.”l didnt mean it that way.

I was …”

“As a police officer, you were suspected ofbullying a four-year-old child.

Ive already recorded the video.

This is the evidence.

Just wait for me to Sue you to your leader!”

After saying this, Lu nanze raised his phone.

He had not gone downstairs just now because he wanted to take a video.

The moment he walked out of the room and saw the police, he knew that something was going to happen!

Director Bai could even set fire to kill wuhen, which meant that if wuhen was taken away by them again, he would definitely die of illness in the police station!

So no matter what, he couldnt let this group of people take wuhen away.

He couldnt find a reason why they wouldnt take wuhen away.

That was why he didnt come down on purpose to see if there were any loopholes.

In the end, this police officer was good.

He directly targeted Kaka!

A police officer was bullying a child.

This was simply

If this video were to be released, it would probably attract public opinion!

Hearing Lu nanzes words, the police officers pupils shrank.

Even though he had just been hit, his expression immediately changed.

He looked at Lu nanze with an ingratiating expression and said,”Mr.

Lu, I, I was just joking with the


You see .


Lu nanze cast his gaze down.

“Joking Why doesnt it look like a joke If my wife hadnt caught my son, would my son have fallen to the ground A child wont be able to withstand your heavy strength!”

As he said this, he stared at the police officer and sneered.”You can treat my son like this in places where I cant see.

How can I be at ease and let you take my wife away.

He picked up his phone and continued, “1m going to call my lawyer now.

Youd better call director Bai as well.

LetS discuss how we should resolve todays matter!”

The police officer wanted to slap himself in the face.

He had come here to arrest Qiao Yiyi.

He didnt like Qiao Yiyi..

Why did she have to hit a child He really brought this upon himself!

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