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Chapter 1999 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(29)

The Lu familys Villa instantly became lively.

The SWAT team had come over to take down Qiao Yiyi in one go.

However, she had not expected Lu nanze to cause such a ruckus.

In less than half an hour, Lu nanzes team of lawyers arrived.

On the other side, the police officer also called director Bai.

It wasnt appropriate to make a big deal out of the current situation.

After all, director Bai wasnt a powerful figure.

Moreover, there were so many lawyers and Lu nanze had a hold on her.

The police had no choice but to hand the phone over to Lu nanze.

Lu nanze picked up the call.

It was director Bai.

Lu nanze laughed.”Director Bai, I really cant stand the way your people do things.

I cant let you take my wife away.

If another fire breaks out, shell lose her life!”

‘We have already arrested Chen Yansheng and the evidence is with us.

He cant continue to pretend that Qiao Yiyi is innocent.

Hence, Chen Yanshengs evidence is false testimony!” Chief Bai said immediately.

Your wife is a very important murder suspect! Moreover, because it involves perjury, your wife is no longer trustworthy enough in the eyes of the police.

So, we need to detain your wife now.

Its all legal in the eyes of the law.

Lu nanze laughed coldly and said, “1 dont care if youre legal or not.

Theres no way you can take her away today.” I dont care what your law says, but if you insist on doing it by force, then I can only announce it to the public and let everyone judge.

Director Bai laughed when he heard this.””Things arent that serious.

How about this, since youre not willing to send people to the police station, then let my people investigate your wife in the Lu family villa.

Its only right for your wife to cooperate with our people, right Since its the bail period, my men will have to guard the Lu family villa in case your wife goes out during this time.


Lu, it doesnt matter if you cant bring her back.

Weve already gone through legal procedures, and in five days, well have a court hearing on this matter.

By then, your wife will have no reason to be absent again!”

Lu nanzes eyes narrowed as he stared at the phone.

He laughed coldly and said,”of course, everything has to go through the legal process.

But I hope that you police can come up with more direct evidence when the time comes.

Dont just insist that my wife killed someone without any evidence!”

“Well, Mr.

Lu, dont worry.

Well definitely produce evidence that will satisfy you! Alright, Ill see you in court in five days!”

Director Bai hung up the phone after saying that.

After Lu nanze threw the phone to the police officer, the police officer glared at

Qiao Yiyi and waved his hand.””Lets go!”

The group of special police officers came quickly and left even faster.

They soon disappeared from the villa.

However, after they left, Lu nanzes bodyguard walked in and said in a low voice , “”There are three groups of people standing guard outside, taking turns to monitor the villa.

Im afraid that if miss Qiao shows any signs of escape, they will be immediately discovered.”

At these words, Lu nanze laughed coldly and said, “they really put in a lot of effort to deal with you!”

Qiao Yiyi frowned.

Lu nanze looked at the lawyer and asked,”the court will start in five days.

How confident are we

The lawyer frowned and looked troubled…Im afraid its only 30%,”

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