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Chapter 2001 – Who Trusts Who WhoS Toying With Who(31)

Qiao Yiyis pupils shrank and she raised her head.

Lu nanze frowned as well.”What do you mean by a hacker has hacked in and it cant be restored!”

The bodyguard lowered his head.”It was a hacker who hacked into their clubs surveillance system and destroyed all the surveillance footage from that day.

We cant get it out now and cant prove Madams innocence!”

When Qiao Yiyi heard the word “Madam,” she didnt reject him.

She just sat on the sofa and stared at the coffee table in front of her.

She didnt expect that Bai Anan and the others had already intervened to this extent.

What kind of hacker would hack into a clubs surveillance system

This was the biggest joke in the world.

She knew that Bai Anan had done it on purpose, but she had no way to deal with it!

The only thing she could prove that she left early was the surveillance camera at the entrance of every club and the surveillance camera in the underground parking lot.

But now, both surveillance cameras had been destroyed.

Therefore, she had no way to prove her innocence.

Because that day, when she walked out of her room and went to the underground parking lot, she did not see a single person.

In that club, privacy was guaranteed.

The waiters were very particular and would not interfere with the private secrets of the guests.

Therefore, almost no one had seen her.

This was also the reason why Chen Yansheng would rather perjure himself to bail her out first.

When Lu nanze heard this, he frowned and stared at Qiao Yiyi.”W7hat do you want to do now

What to do

Should Lu nanze immediately make arrangements for her to leave, or should he wait for the courts decision before making further arrangements

Qiao Yiyi knew that Lu nanze was asking this.

He wasnt a police officer, so he didnt have any social responsibility on his shoulders.

To him, there was no right or wrong, only love and hate.

However, if she were to leave just like that, then she might really never be able to come back.

Qiao Yiyi narrowed her eyes at the thought.

After a moment, she looked up at Lu nanze and said with a smile,””l choose to stay.”

She stared at Lu nanze and said firmly,””Although I dont have any evidence to prove my innocence, they dont have direct evidence to prove that I killed someone.

Since they know its a 30% chance, why dont they try it its a 30% chance!”

If the court found her guilty, then they would proceed with the next step.

As long as she could deal with Kakas matter, she was confident that she could escape anywhere.

Seeing her like this, Lu nanze was silent for a moment.

After a while, he nodded and

Then she stood up and stared at the bodyguard.

“Give me the second plan immediately.

I want If the court finds her guilty, then on that day, I will send her abroad.


The bodyguard immediately nodded and turned to leave.

Lu nanze turned around and looked at Qiao Yiyi.

“Director Bai will definitely not let you off the hook for targeting you so badly.

You must not enter the police station again.”

Lu nanze had emphasized this sentence many times.

Qiao Yiyi had never thought highly of herself.

Director Bai had been the director for so many years and could do whatever he wanted in the police station.

It was indeed not suitable for her to be in the police station again.

She looked at Lu nanze and felt touched.

In fact, at this moment, the best and most conservative way was to leave now and never come back..

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