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Chapter 2004 – Who Trusted Who Who Teased Who(34)

Qiao Yiyi followed the lawyer and was about to sit in the defendants seat.

Lu nanze and the rest of the team were to be seated in the audience.

Qiao Yiyi followed Lu nanze to the audience.

Just as she was about to walk forward, Lu nanze suddenly grabbed her hand.

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.

She turned around and saw Lu nanze staring at her.

He smiled and said,””Dont worry, Ill protect you.

Qiao Yiyi pursed her lips and nodded.

Then, she followed the lawyer and sat down.

The lawyer that director Bai had hired was the best in the industry, and this case was really easy to solve.

Before the court started, the lawyer on the other side of the court recounted the story of Qiao Yiyi and Chen Yanshengs perjections and as expected, the presiding judge was biased.

Immediately, the lawyer brought out a number of indirect evidence.”Presiding judge, members of the magic Court, this is the evidence we have gathered.

First of all, the defendant was with the deceased that day.

Moreover, the deceased wanted to rape the defendant by drugging the defendant.

The defendant resisted and tied the deceased up.

From the look of the deceased before he died, we can see that the defendant tied the deceased up easily, so there was no problem with excessive self-defense.

After she tied the victim up, she was already safe.

After the lanyer said this, he raised his head.”There was no third person who entered the scene of the murder.

We have collected various things at the scene, which can prove that there was no fourth person besides Mr.

Lu who entered.

So, the defendant is likely to be the suspect!”

“The defendant had the motive and the opportunity to kill.

According to her , she left the room at 20.

However, the clubs surveillance video had a problem and cant be repaired, so no one can prove that she left the room at 20.

The victim was killed at 28 PM, and she happened to have the time to kill! There was a motive for murder and a murder case.

Even if we cant produce more direct evidence now, its enough to accuse the accused of murder! Moreover , why did Chen Yansheng give false testimony for the accused Its because they have a guilty conscience!”

The presiding judge nodded repeatedly at his words.

In fact, the evidence of Qiao YiyiS murder was not valid.

However, Chen Yanshengs false testimony had turned the original 50 — 50 chance into a 30 – 70 chance.

The Chief Judges attitude made Qiao Yiyi frown.

She had a bad feeling.

Even when the presiding judge looked at her, there was a special sense of disgust.

This meant that the presiding judge had been convinced!

He now felt that he was the murderer!

Qiao Yiyi frowned and turned to look at her lawyer.

Although her lavvyers were the best in the industry, he did not know how to deal with this situation.

In an instant, the situation was leaning towards the side that Qiao Yiyi was the murderer.

Bai Anan, who was sitting in the audiences seat, sneered.

She knew it would be like this!

However, at this moment, a figure hurriedly walked past her.

It was Lu nanzes bodyguard.

He leaned close to Lu nanzes ear and said something.

Lu nanzes eyes immediately lit up.

He quickly picked up his cell phone and sent a message to his lawyer.

When the lawyer saw the message, he stood up with a whoosh.”Presiding judge, we request for a court hearing to be adjourned because we have found new evidence!”

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