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Chapter 2010 – Who Trusted Who Who Teased Who(40)


She looked up in shock and disbelief.

She stared at uncle li in shock.”How is this possible”

Uncle li sneered.”Otherwise, why do you think we cremated your mothers body before you came!” Because this was her last request before she died!”

Qiao Yiyi looked at uncle li.

She felt like she understood what he was saying, but at the same time, she felt like she didnt understand what he was saying at all.

She stared at him in shock and disbelief.

Then, he heard uncle li coaxing his eyes and saying,””Your mother didnt want me to tell you the truth.

She was afraid that you would live in hatred for the rest of your life.

But now that you look like youre living a life worse than death, I might as well explain it to you! In order to save you, your mother was shot in the chest, but that shot just happened to miss! It missed her heart! That was why she had survived! Its just that the bullet was too close to her heart, so we have to find the best surgeon in the world to operate on her.

So, we went to Kang Lili.

Kang deli was the best surgeon in the world, and he could perform the most delicate surgery.

With him as the chief surgeon, it should not be a problem to remove the bullet.

Qiao Yiyi looked at uncle li.”And then”

Uncle li sighed.”At that time, our power abroad was not strong enough, so we made a fatal mistake.”

He lowered his head, revealing a sorrowful and heartbroken expression.

“After the surgery, we all waited outside the operating room, but when we realized something was wrong, two days had already passed.

We rushed into the operating room and saw that Kang Lili had fainted, and on the bed, your mother was no longer there! She Has been kidnapped!”

Qiao Yiyis eyes widened in shock.

“Who kidnapped my mother!”

Uncle li was in tears.

“You dont know this.

When your mother was young, she was as beautiful as you.

After giving birth to you, shes tall and straight.

Shes also a famous beauty in the circle.

She used to have some clients who pursued her when you were still young.

However, your mother has high standards, so all these years, she has never taken a fancy to anyone.

Theres a legend in the circle that the most difficult person to conquer in this world is your mother.

Qiao Yiyi knew about this.

That was why she had once been proud of it.

Even though her mother had divorced her father and brought her to live alone, her mother had never been a frivolous person.

She even offended a group of men who confessed to her.

But at that time, her mother was almost 50 years old.

Would there be a man Who would covet her beauty

She swallowed her saliva and did not know what to say.

She just stared at uncle li.”And then”

“After that, we used all our power to search for her all over the world, but your mother disappeared without a trace.

None of us knew where she went or where she was Until that day, we received the news and found traces of your mother.

So, the group of us hurried over.

But when we saw your mother, we were all shocked.

As uncle Li said this, he suddenly knelt down.

He covered his face and cried out again.

“I didnt protect your mother well.

Its our fault that she became like that .

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