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Chapter 2011 – Where Should She Go … (1)

Qiao Yiyi panicked and grabbed uncle li.”What does he look like!”

At that time, uncle li only cried.

She stared at uncle li and suddenly didnt dare to ask.

Uncle li had always been a strong-willed person.

She had never seen him cry since she was young.

But that time, she had seen this man cry in despair.

His crying made Qiao Yiyi realize that when they found her mother, she would definitely be … In a bad state.

However, even though she had imagined so many bad things, she still did not expect that the final situation would be so bad.

When they found her mother, she had been found in Thailand.

Both her arms and legs had been chopped off, so she could only lie on the ground and be played like a monkey.

Her tongue had been pulled out and she couldnt speak.

Her ears had also been destroyed.

She was like a human swine and had become a person for people to see in a circus …

Uncle li didnt go into details.

He had only said this much.

Even now, Qiao Yiyi didnt dare to think about the women in the circus.

The irreversible damage would make her mother live in pain for the rest of her life even if she was saved.

Perhaps, every second of living in this world was a form of torture for her.

So, the moment she was saved, her mother chose to die to be free.

When uncle li finished speaking, he buried himself in the ground and cried.

Qiao Yiyi stared straight ahead and clutched at her heart.

Her mother was such a proud, elegant, and distinguished person.

In the end, he had died so miserably.

She was furious.

She wanted to take revenge for her mother.

Because no matter what kind of hatred or resentment there was, no one could allow others to be so ruthless to a woman.

After uncle li had finished crying, she waited for him to calm down before she asked” “ Who did this”

Uncle li replied, its a group of rich young masters.

They were abroad and occasionally found out that your mother needed Kang Li for surgery.

And abroad is our relatively weak area, so they joined forces and set up such a trap.

When I found Madam, I happened to catch one of them.

Ive asked them why they treated Madam like this.

Qiao Yiyi looked at uncle li.


Her godly thief clan never killed people.

They only stole things.

She couldnt imagine what could make someone hate her mother to this extent.

She had thought that they had done something wrong.

However, he had never thought that the reason would be so ridiculous.

That was because the group of young masters felt that their mother was a legend in the circle, and it was an honor to conquer her.

However, those young masters were timid.

They were afraid that their mother would take revenge on them after she woke up from the anesthesia.

That was why they wanted to destroy her mother, but they didnt want to kill her.

Because her existence was enough to prove how capable those people were.

After some discussion, they decided to send her mother to the circus.

Such a reason really made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

However, it made Qiao Yiyi so angry that she was about to go crazy.

She had never known that this could be a reason to destroy her mother.

She swore that she would let those people get the punishment they deserved.

So she returned to China.

Her first target after returning to the country was Qian Jin.

Because Qian Jin was one of those people.

[PS: where should Qiao Yiyi go] “Murder should be dealt with by the law.

Actually, Im a little lost after writing all this What do you guys think I need to think about the plot after todays update.

See you tomorrow..”

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