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Chapter 2014 – Where Should She Go … (4)

At this moment, more than half a month had passed.

Chen Yansheng was released and was sitting opposite her.”Ive been observing this person for a long time.

Hes usually very cautious and rarely goes out alone.

However, it just so happens that hes going to meet a client next Wednesday at the charm Club.

Coincidentally, Im also going to meet a client there.

The client Im going to meet is someone Ive already arranged to meet.

Hes right behind me, so if something happens to him in the club, it shouldnt be us.

Qiao Yiyi nodded when she heard this.

Chen Yansheng stared at her and hesitated for a moment.

After confirming it again and again, he asked,””Are you sure … You really want to go …”

Qiao Yiyi sneered and lowered her eyes.”You have to know that its too late for me to stop now.”

Chen Yansheng immediately fell silent and did not speak anymore.

Qiao Yiyi didnt say anything else.

She only discussed the layout of the club with Chen Yansheng, including how to enter the private room, how to leave, and how to leave Li Hang alone in the private room

Qiao Yiyi took a deep breath after they had finished discussing all the matters.

After sending Chen Yansheng off, she stood outside and looked at the sky outside.

She took a deep breath.

“What have you been doing for the past half a month” Chen Yansheng asked.

Ive been recuperating in the villa since my hand was injured, “Qiao Yiyi replied.

Look, its all good now.

After he finished speaking, he raised his hand and showed it to Chen Yansheng.

Chen Yansheng sighed.”He knows”

Qiao Yiyi didnt say anything.

“You two didnt meet in the past half a month” Chen Yansheng continued.

Qiao Yiyi nodded.

She was avoiding him on purpose.

In fact, she hadnt even seen Kaka in the past half a month.

When a person had killing intent, she would show it in her usual actions.

She didnt want to let those emotions pass to Kaka.

She was not a good mother.

But now, she could only choose to do so.

Chen Yansheng stretched out his hand and patted her shoulder.

“Boss, since youve chosen this path, youre destined to be alone for the rest of your life.

Have you really Thought it through”

There was nothing that could never be found out.

In the endi when the truth was out, she would definitely be wanted by the whole country.

At that time, she would not be able to take Kaka with her and live a wandering life like before.

In fact, she had already thought about it when she brought Kaka back to China, right

When everything was over, she would give Kaka to Lu nanze and let him live under the sun.

After sending Chen Yansheng off, Qiao Yiyi returned to the villa.

His cell phone suddenly rang.

Qiao Yi picked up and heard uncle Lis voice.”Wuhen, are you ready”

Qiao Yiyi didnt reply.

‘You have to avenge your mother, no matter what it takes,” uncle li continued.

Qiao Yiyi nodded.”I understand.”

After hanging up the phone, she leaned back on the sofa.

After a while, there was a knock on the door.

She was slightly taken aback.

She walked over and opened the door, only to hear the sound of a door opening.

“Mother! ”

Then, Kaka rushed in.

She hadnt seen her daughter for half a month, and she missed her daughter so much that she immediately bent down and picked Kaka up.

Lu nanze followed behind her and walked in.

When he saw her, he immediately said,””Recently, Li Hang has a lot of police around him.”

[PS: Ive already thought of a way to crack this joke–well, itll be more exciting later.] The ending would definitely be perfect.

Dont worry, see you tomorrow..

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