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Chapter 2015 – Where Should She Go … (5)

Qiao Yiyis arms around Kaka paused.

She raised her head and looked at Lu nanze.

Frowning, she retorted,””What does that have to do with me”

Lu nanzes heart ached at the sight of her conflicted expression and the hatred and killing intent that had engulfed her.

He stared at Qiao Yiyi and said,””I mean, director Bai and Bai Anan have their eyes on Li Hang.

Youre in danger.”

He took a step forward and reached out to grab Qiao Yiyis hand.”Yiyi, can you slow down Can you …”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qiao Yiyi flung his hand away.

She stared at Lu nanze and a wave of unprecedented irascibility suddenly surged in her heart.

She bit her lip and said,”let go of me!” Its my business, you dont have to worry about it!”

As she was about to turn around, Kakas small hand suddenly touched her face.

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.

All her emotions disappeared in this pair of soft little hands.

She stared at Kaka and saw that Kakas eyes were wide open and he looked at her in horror.

“Mom, whats wrong Are you angry Are you not happyMom, dont be unhappy.

Ill give you my best doll, okay” she said.

“Or, mom, Ill take you to eat doughnuts, okay”

‘Mom, dont be unhappy.

If youre unhappy, Kaka will be unhappy too.

Kaka is going to cry …”

At this point, little Kakas eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

Seeing her like this, Qiao Yiyis heart immediately softened.

She immediately said, “mommy isnt unhappy.

Mommy has always been here.

Kaka, be good.

Kaka, dont cry ”

Little Kaka reached out his hand and wrapped it around her neck.

In the end, he still cried, “mommy, mommy, I miss you so much.

I havent seen you for so many days.

Do you not want me anymore, mommy

Every word of his was like a heavy hammer, pounding on Qiao Yiyis heart.

It made her heart clench tightly and hurt.

She stared at Kaka and suddenly couldnt bear to part with him.

Yes, she couldnt bear to part with Kaka.

She had raised the child for four years.

If she killed someone, she would have to live a wandering life, or she would be brought to justice in the end What would happen to Kaka

For the first time, her thoughts were a little broken.

She didnt know what to do.

She only knew that at this moment, she didnt want to let go of the child in her hands.

She wanted to be with Kaka forever.

Thinking of this, she hugged Kaka and turned to sit on the sofa.

She lowered her head and remained silent, but she did not reject Lu nanze.

Lu nanze walked to her side and said with a sigh,””Ive found out about your mother.

Qiao Yiyis pupils shrank.

She looked up at Lu nanze.

The thing she didnt want anyone to know about the most was her mothers matter.

Her mother was such a proud person, but she ended up like that .

Lu nanze ignored her emotions and continued,””lf I can find out, then so can director Bai..

I think theyve already seen through your motive for killing! As for Qian Jins case, theres no direct evidence, but theyll set a trap for Li Hang and wait for you!”

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