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Chapter 2017 – Where Should She Go … (7)

“Alright, then Kaka will obediently follow daddy and wait for mommy to come and take me home~”

Kaka didnt cry as Qiao Yiyi had expected.

Instead, he was so obedient that it made her heart ache.

Her words made Qiao Yiyi feel even more guilty.

She nodded and reached out her hand.”Mom, well hang ourselves for a hundred years! You have to come and take Kaka home.

Otherwise, mom will be a little dog~”

Qiao Yiyi smiled.

She squatted down, reached out her hand, and hooked it with Kaka.

Kaka looked at her seriously.”Mom, you said that Ill do what I do.

That means Ill do whatever you do, so mom, you cant go back on your word~”

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.

She stared at Kaka but couldnt say a word.

Finally, she slowly said,”Kaka, you must remember.

You must keep your promise to others.

Do you understand”

Kaka nodded in confusion.

“Alright, good child, follow daddy.”

Qiao Yiyi touched Kakas head and it nodded.

As she followed Lu nanze out, she turned back.

When she reached the door, she waved her small hands.

“Mommy, come and pick up Kaka quickly.

Kaka is very sensible.

It wont cry or make a fuss anymore.

Mommy, actually, if you go to work, Kaka can go to school alone.

Mommy, Kaka doesnt want anything, Kaka only wants you .

Qiao Yiyi almost couldnt keep her smile when she heard what she said.

When Kaka and Lu nanze finally disappeared out the door, Qiao Yiyi couldnt hold it in any longer.

She sat on the sofa in a daze, staring ahead.

For the first time, she couldnt help but wonder if she was doing the right thing.

Her mother had already passed away, but she was going to abandon her daughter for her mother

However, she had no other way out.

It was soon Wednesday.

Qiao Yi got up early in the morning and tidied herself up.

She put on a tight-fitting outfit inside and put on normal clothes outside.

Then, she looked at herself in the mirror for a long time before patting her face and walking out in big steps.

Li Hang, today is the day you die!

Her eyes were vicious as she walked to the door and saw Chen Yansheng coming to pick her up.

Chen Yansheng looked at her and did not say anything.

He just drove her to the club.

After getting off the car at the club, Chen Yansheng    have an appointment with the client at 1 p.m.

This afternoon.

Were in Room 305, and Li Hang is in Room 405.

Ive observed that the windows are open to maintain the air flow.

With your skills, its easy to go from 305 to 405.

Ill think of a way to make Li Hang stay in Room 405 alone.

However, I can only give you five minutes.

Is that enough time”

“Its enough,” Qiao Yiyi said.

Chen Yansheng nodded.

After a while, he looked at Qiao Yiyi.

“You cant leave any traces behind.

I will be waiting for you in the private room.

After the incident, I will be your witness and I can prove that you didnt kill anyone.”

Qiao Yiyi nodded again.

Chen Yansheng took a deep breath.”Lets start then.”

Qiao Yiyi lowered her head and followed behind Chen Yansheng.

The two of them walked towards private room 305.

On the way , Qiao Yiyi noticed that many of the staff in the club seemed to be acting strangely.

No matter how hard they tried to disguise themselves, they couldnt hide from Qiao Yiyi.

They were all police officers..

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