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Chapter 2019 – : Where Should She Go … (9)

When Li Hang heard Bai Anans words, he became nervous.

He swallowed his saliva and turned to look at the window, afraid that someone would rush in.

He stared at Bai Anan.”Forget it.

I think its a little silly to wait here even though I know someone is trying to kill me.

Ill go home first.

I want to go home …”

Hearing this, Bai Anan quickly said,””Dont worry, its really fine.

Im telling you, wuhen cant kill you! There were so many police officers! If she can still sneak in, then are we all useless”

Li Hang immediately asked,”whats the use of you guys now” She killed Qian Jin, and none of you have any backup plans! And now you want me to be suspected to obtain evidence let me tell you, if anything happens to me, my family will definitely not let you off!”

Bai Anan nodded.”I understand, I know.

Alright, just stay here.

Well be here in ten minutes at most.

Im telling you, itll only take ten minutes.

She cant kill you!”

Li Hang took a deep breath.

He was so scared that his face turned pale, and he looked very embarrassed.

He stared at Bai Anan and finally nodded.

Bai Anan patted his shoulder.

When she turned to leave, she looked up at the ceiling.

Then, she left without any further action.

“Captain Bai,” someone asked after they left the room, “we received news that wuhen came through the air conditioner.

Why did you

When Bai Anan heard this, she immediately turned around and looked warily at the person behind her.

She then sneered.

“So what if we have caught wuhen She didnt kill anyone! And let me tell you, an attempted murder and a murderer are different.

When the police officers behind him heard this, they were stunned.

The next moment, he understood what she meant.

He looked at Bai Anan in shock.”Captain Bai, you mean

Bai Anan sneered.

“Wait for my orders and rush in.

Dont rush in too early!”

Otherwise, they would have wasted their time if wuhen did not kill Li Hang.

What she wanted was a murderer, not a murderer with an attempted murder!

They couldnt find any evidence for Qian Jins case, but Li Hang had to be caught red-handed!

The police officer behind her was stunned when he heard what she said.

He looked at her in shock and lowered his head.

“What should we do now

‘What do we do Of course, transfer the personnel outside so that wuhen could hurry over! If she doesnt think of an exhaust, well create an easier way for her to enter the private room!”


After Bai Anan finished her arrangements, she stared at Room 405 and sneered.

Wuhen, this time, youre dead.

Just wait to be caught!

Qiao Yiyi was hiding on the ceiling.

Of course, she heard and saw everything that happened in the room.

She knew that Bai Anan would not let her go.

But now, as long as she jumped down and killed someone, Bai Anan would probably see everything in the room.

At that thought, Qiao Yiyi started looking for surveillance cameras in the room.

Finally, she saw it.

She sneered and took out the chewing gum that she had been chewing on.

With a wave of her hand, she stuck the chewing gum on the camera..

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