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Chapter 2022 – Where Should She Go … (12)

Bai Anan stood up excitedly.

There was nothing in the room, Upstairs, Downstairs, and next door.

Moreover, there were people watching from the outside, so it was impossible to drop anything in this room.

However, Li Hangs body was gone.

This was enough to prove that Li Hangs body was definitely in the bathroom!

She took two steps forward and excitedly walked to the door.”Wuhen, lets see what you have to say now!”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a baby-like voice shouted,””Mom, Kaka is in the toilet.

Why are there so many people rushing in What are they doing”

Bai Anan was stunned when she heard that.

She looked at the bathroom in disbelief.


Five minutes ago.

Qiao Yiyis dagger was about to stab Li Hangs chest when the door suddenly opened.

She thought that it was Bai Anan who had rushed in.

Her pupils shrank.

Just as she was about to kill Li Hang, she suddenly heard a soft voice.”Mom!”

Qiao Yiyis body stiffened.

The dagger in her hand stopped moving.

She turned around and saw Lu nanze standing at the door with Kaka in his arms.

She widened her eyes in shock and stared at the door in disbelief.

Kaka had already jumped down from Lu nanzes body and was pouncing on

Qiao Yiyi.”Mom, mom, youre really here!” Dad said that I can find you here! But mom, what are you doing Are you and this uncle playing a game of police catching bad people Kaka also wants to play!”

She didnt care about the dagger in Qiao Yiyis hand and rushed over.

Qiao Yiyi was afraid that the dagger would hurt Kaka, so she threw it far away.

She hugged Kaka and stood up.”Why are you here!”

She was saying this to Lu nanze.

When Lu nanze heard this, he pursed his lips and said,””Kaka missed you.”

Qiao Yiyi lowered her eyes and said angrily, “Even so, you shouldnrt have brought her here!”

To witness this bloody scene!

She knew that she was wrong.

She also knew that she had chosen this path herself.

Even if Lu nanze wanted to stop her, he shouldnt have used such a method.

As She was thinking about this, she heard Lu nanze sigh.

“Because right now, the only thing that can wake you up is Kaka.”

Qiao Yiyi was shocked when she heard that.

She lowered her head again and looked at Kaka, who was waiting for her with his grape-like black eyes.

She suddenly knew that the murder today could not be completed.

Even if she hated Li Hang and wanted to take revenge for her mother, she couldnt kill in front of Kaka.

Her mother had already passed away.

She didnt want uncle li to tell her the truth at the beginning because she didnt want her to take revenge.

And she couldnt let Kaka have any psychological shadow for the sake of her mother.

She lowered her eyes and hugged Kaka tightly without saying a word.

Time returned to normal.

Bai Anan looked at the two people who came out of the bathroom and was shocked beyond words.

“Why are you here!” She asked in shock.

After she said this, she narrowed her eyes.

Did you hide Li Hangs body after killing him Did Mr.

Lu help you”

As soon as she said this, she heard another sound from the bathroom.”Wu, Wu…”

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