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Chapter 2023 – Where Should She Go … (13)

Everyone was shocked by his words.

Bai Anan stared at Li Hang and saw him coming out of the bathroom, trembling with fear.

Li Hang didnt die

He actually didnt die!

Bai Anan clenched her fists and frowned.

After a while, Bai Anan rushed to Li Hang.”Mr.

Li, its great that youre fine! What happened in the room just now There are still marks on your body.

Did wuhen want to kill you Mr.

Li, hurry up and tell us, we will definitely give you justice!”

Even if Li Hang didnt die, as long as Li Hang sued traceless, he would be convicted!

Now that the murder was invalid, he could put wuhen in jail for attempted murder!

As long as they entered a prison cell, it would at most be a little troublesome.

However, it was not a complicated thing to let a person die quietly in prison.

Bai Anan looked at Li Hang excitedly, waiting for his answer.

But …

When the police were about to break in, Lu nanze had dragged Li Hang and

Kaka into the bathroom so that Li Hang could hear what Bai Anan had said.

Bai Anan kept saying that Li Hang was dead, which made Li Hangs heart jump!

He was also a businessman.

Of course, he knew that Bai Anan didnt care about his life at all!

In fact, Bai Anan had come so late on purpose!

Thats right!

If wuhen had entered the room from the ceiling and the police outside did not notice, it would be excusable.

However, Lu nanze had carried Kaka and walked straight through the corridor without the police noticing.

He had deliberately let them off!

So, although Li Hang was scared to death, he still stared at Bai Anan with an unprecedented hatred in his eyes.

He felt his legs go soft.

At this moment, instead of hating Wu Hen, he hated Bai Anan first!

He stared at Bai Anan.

“Detective Bai,” he said,”is this what you meant by ensuring my safety!”

Bai Anan choked when she heard that.

She immediately explained,””Mr.

Li, let me explain.


Li Hangs whole body was trembling.

No one who had just saved their life from the hands of the god of death would have a good time.

He waved his hand and said, “just wait for my lavvyers letter! I cooperated with you guys, but you guys treated me like this.

Its really sad!”

When Bai Anan heard this, she immediately clenched her jaw and Li, our common enemy is wuhen.

Before you do this, shouldnt you think carefully As long as wuhen is not caught, your safety will not be guaranteed!”

Li Hang sneered.”Shes been back for so many days, and Ive been fine at home the whole time.

Instead, I cooperated with you and almost killed you …”

Li Hang looked at wuhen.

Her thin body stood there, exuding a kind of sharp feeling.

For some reason, Li Hang thought of her mother when he saw her.

Frowning, he thought of what Lu nanze had said in the washroom.

If he pointed out that wuhen was the one who wanted to kill him, Lu nanze would not let him off.

In fact Lu nanze had just saved his life, so he had to give him face.

At this thought, he looked at Bai Anan..

Under her expectant gaze, he said word by word, ”

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