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Chapter 2027 – Where Should She Go … (17)

When Qiao Yiyi heard this, she was stunned and confused.

Lu nanze had made his move

What did he do

However, she still took out her phone and clicked on the link that Chen Yansheng had sent.

After reading the content, she was completely stunned!

Because she saw it!

The Li family was actually bankrupt!

He went bankrupt overnight

‘How … How is this possible

Frowning, she read the report carefully.

When she reached the end, she finally understood that it had not been a matter of one night.

Lu nanze had actually started preparing for it half a month ago.

The Lu family had used nearly half of their power to make the Li family go bankrupt.

The reports were all saying that the Lu family had gone crazy.

They did not even know what kind of enmity they had with the Li family to make them so deranged …

This is crazy … Ah!

As Qiao Yiyi looked at it, a warm current flowed through her heart.

A warm liquid flowed out of her eyes and dripped onto the phone.

So she had misunderstood Lu nanze.

Lu nanze was not asking her to let go of her hatred or to seek justice for her mother.

He just wanted her to change her way of doing things.

It was like this

Li Hang was born into a rich family and what he couldnt stand the most was poverty.

And now, they had plenty of ways to make a man who had no money and went bankrupt suffer a fate worse than death.

A warm current flowed through her heart.

She stared at the report and cried.

It had been five years since she found out about her mothers death.

In the past five years, she had been working hard to improve herself, to make herself more powerful, to make herself cold-blooded, to bring up Kaka alone Until this moment, she finally understood that sometimes, there was really no need to be so bitter and tired.

With Lu nanzes protection, wasn


t she Living a Good Life

As she thought of this, she lowered her head and covered her face.

He was really useless!

Why did she love to cry so much

While he was thinking, his phone rang again.

She lowered her head and saw that it was Lu nanze.

Qiao Yiyi bit her lip.

She didnt know how to answer or what to say.

After all, she had just thrown a tantrum at Lu nanze the day before and had given him a whole load of twisted logic.

However, the phone kept ringing.

It seemed that if she didnt answer, the other party wouldnt hang up.

Qiao Yiyi hesitated for a moment, but she still picked up.”Hey …”

As soon as she said it, she heard a cracking sound.”Mom, wawawawawaa

Kaka was crying so pitifully that Qiao YiyiS heart ached.

She hurriedly

said,””Kaka, whats wrong Did someone bully you”

Kaka immediately sobbed and said, “mom, you said you would accompany me.

Why didnt I see you when you woke up this morning wuwuwu Wawuwu…”

Qiao Yiyi heaved a sigh of relief.

Hearing Kakas miserable crying, she said,”Wait for me, Ill definitely be there in half an hour!”

Kaka then sobbed.”Yes, Ill wait for you.

Dont lie!”

“Alright,” he said.

After hanging up, Qiao Yiyi put on her clothes and ran out quickly.

She drove her sports car and ran all the way to the Lu family villa.

Lu family.

After she hung up, Kaka looked at Lu nanze with tears in his eyes.

“Daddy, do I look like Im crying

Lu nanze laughed at her words and reached out to caress her head.

[PS: she caught a cold and had a fever.

She was in a deep sleep from yesterday afternoon until noon today!] Then, her fever couldnt go down, so she went to the hospital for a drip.

“If there are no updates in the future, please remember to go to the top comment section of the comment section to take a look-Ill take a leave of absence there if I have something to do.

I wont stop updating for no reason–continue to write my story.

Actually, Im still a little dizzy now that Ive taken my medicine …”

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