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Chapter 2028 – : Where Should She Go … (18)

Kaka immediately sat down on the sofa excitedly and leaned into Lu nanzes arms.

Then, she snuggled up to him and said,”dad, mom is here this time.

Will she leave again”

Lu nanzes eyes drooped and he said,””As long as you do as I say, you shouldnt leave.”

Kakas eyes immediately lit up when he heard Lu nanze say something to her in a low voice.

When Qiao Yiyi arrived at the Lu familys Villa, Kaka was sitting alone on the sofa in the living room, looking like a pitiful little thing.

When she saw Qiao Yiyi, she immediately stood up and ran towards her.”Mom, mom, I missed you so much …”

Qiao Yiyi hugged Kaka and sat on the sofa.

She looked at her crying face and couldnt help but comfort her.

“Whats wrong with Kaka Isnt mommy here”

Kaka immediately sobbed and said,””Mom, I had a nightmare.”

Qiao Yiyi was stunned.”What nightmare”

“I dreamed that my mother left and ignored me.

Ive been chasing after mom, but no matter how hard I try, I cant catch up to you.

Mom, you promised me yesterday that you wouldnt leave me.

Why cant I see you when I wake up this morning wuwuwu …”

Qiao Yiyi hugged her guiltily.”Kaka, Im sorry Its moms fault.”

Kaka stretched out his little arm and wrapped it around her waist.

‘Mommy, mommy, dont ever leave Kaka, okay”

Qiao Yiyi turned her head when she heard the childish words.

She saw Lu nanze standing on the stairs of the second floor, staring at her.

“Mom, dont leave Kaka and dad, okay”

Kaka asked again.

Qiao Yiyi stared at her and nodded after a while.


As soon as he said this word, Kakas eyes suddenly lit up.”Wow, I have a mother and a father now! The children in the kindergarten will never laugh at me for not having a father! Waa-”

Seeing Kakas excited and happy face, Qiao Yiyi also laughed.

She turned around and looked at Lu nanze again.

One of them was standing on the second floor, while the other was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

They didnt say anything, just quietly staring at each other.

However, it also seemed like he had said a thousand words, and silence was better than words.

Qiao Yiyis relationship with Lu nanze had gotten much closer, but on the other hand, Bai Anans life wasnt looking good.

She had only rested for half a month before she went out and had a rough time.

When she came back, she was bleeding down there.

She rushed into the hospital.

After the examination, the doctor warned her sternly,””l said youre not allowed to go out, so you have to rest in bed! If you continue to torment yourself, Im afraid you wont be able to keep your uterus!

In the future, dont even think about having children!”

Hearing the doctors words, mother Bais face turned pale with fright.

She held the pale-faced Bai anan on the bed.”An an, you have to listen to me.

Dont be so willful anymore!” The most important thing for a woman is to take care of herself during this period!”

Bai Anans eyes glinted with malice.

“Mom, she managed to escape this time, but it wont be so simple next time!” This Li Hang is so useless that he doesnt dare to Sue her..

I can find someone else! Anyway, there were still two more people on her list of people to kill! I dont believe that those two are as timid as mice!”

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