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Chapter 2029 – Where Should She Go … (19)

When mother Bai heard this, her tears were about to come out.”My good daughter, can you rest in peace when your body is better, you can do whatever you want.

Look at yourself now.

What have you done to yourself Youre not allowed to go out again, and you have to lie in bed for an entire month!”

When Bai Anan had a miscarriage, the child was almost born.

After giving birth to a stillborn child, her body was much weaker than that of ordinary pregnant women.

In addition, she had been too anxious during this period of time, which led to her poor health.

Bai Anan frowned and lowered her eyes.”Mom, you dont understand … I cant rest well now.

As soon as I close my eyes, that child will appear in front of me … Mom, it was wuhen who killed my child.

I want revenge!” I have to take revenge! “Otherwise, Ill always be holding a breath in my heart.

Mom, I have to see her being shot to death with my own eyes before I can rest assured …”

Hearing this, mother Bais eyes turned sour and she almost cried again.

There might be bad people and good people in this world, but mothers were all the same.

There was no bad mother.

Bai Anan was also a good mother.

She had high expectations for her child.

Besides, this child was the best bond between her and Liang Liang.

Hence, she loved this child even more.

But who would have thought that it would end up like this after being carefully maintained for so long

Mother Bai didnt know what to say.

She could only hug Bai Anan and cry.

Bai Anan didnt say anything.

Just then, her phone vibrated.

She picked it up and opened it.

The news of the Li familys bankruptcy came to her.

Bai Anans pupils shrank, and she sat up straight.

Because she had gotten up too abruptly, she felt dizzy, but she still tried her best to stare at the report.

The Li family was bankrupt!

The Lu family had used half of their wealth to bankrupt the Li family like a Mad


What was this

Had Lu nanze taken revenge for wuhen

That Li Hang looked like he had nothing to live for in the news.

Where was the glory from before

He felt worse than dying!

Bai Anan could imagine the hardships he would have to go through in his life!

Bai Anan clenched her fists in anger.

She reached out and threw the phone to the ground!


The phone broke into pieces.

She panted heavily, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

Mother Bai hurriedly held her.”Whats wrong with you Hurry up and get some rest, what made you so angry

What was it

If Lu nanze could deal with Li Hang using commercial means, then the next few families could do the same.

So, how could wuhen kill anyone

If Wu Hen didnt kill anyone, how could she find evidence against him

Bai Anan was so angry that she was about to cry.

At that moment, the door of the ward was pushed open again.

Director Bai walked in with a dark face.

As soon as he came in, he pointed at Bai Anan..”Whats wrong with you” I gave you Li Hangs job, but I didnt ask you to let Li Hang die! Do you know how much of a loss Li Hangs death is to the police Now, Li Hangs lawyer has already sued you last night, which has attracted the attention of the higher-ups!”

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