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Chapter 2030 – : Where Should She Go … (20)

Bai Anan was stunned and looked at director Bai.

“I asked you to contact Li Hang because I wanted you to Sue wuhen together with Li Hang,” director Bai said.”But you …”

“Didnt the Li family go bankrupt”mother Bai immediately asked.

“So what if Im bankrupt It was unknown who had informed the reporters of such a big case, but there were people who supported him in suing them! Even if he doesnt have any money, the lawyers who were close to the Li family in the past would definitely help him with this little favor!”

Mother Bai was deceived.”But our Anan … Didnt do anything.

Isnt he still alive and well”

Director Bai laughed coldly.”Yes, hes still alive and well.

But if Lu nanze hadnt gone, do you think Li Hang would still be alive”

Mother Bai frowned.”What do we do now”

“What do we do But shes recuperating now, so its a good excuse to delay this matter.

After a while, when the rumors have died down, well think of a way to make it a small matter and a small one.

Bai Anans face turned pale and she was almost speechless.

Hearing director Bais words, she immediately said,””On what basis Li Hang didnt die, so what right does he have to Sue me”

Director Bai furrowed his brows.”Youre still a child who wont give up until you see the coffin.

Alright, you should rest for now.

Ill help you with this later.”

At this point, director Bais phone rang.

He immediately picked up the call and heard the voice on the other end.

“Ah, old leader Whats the matter” he asked directly.

There must be a misunderstanding Dont worry, Anan isnt that kind of child Yes, there must be a misunderstanding Maybe Li Hang misunderstood Well look into it, dont worry Well definitely give Li Hang justice!”

Director Bai said as he walked out.

As the Bureau chief, he was usually very busy.

After he left, he never came back.

Mother Bai sighed and looked at Bai Anans angry face.

She couldnt help but cover her with the blanket and said,””Have a good rest and dont think too much.

With your father around, youll be fine.”

What else could Bai Anan say No matter how angry she was, she still lay down.

After lying down and resting for a few minutes, the door of the ward was pushed open again and Liang Liang walked in.

When mother Bai saw Liang Liang, she was delighted.”Liang Liang, youre here

at the right time.

Come and talk to Anan.

SheS in a bad mood now.

The doctor

said .

“Are you in a bad mood because you didnt kill anyone

Liang Liang interrupted mother Bails words and sneered.

Bai Anan opened her eyes and sat up immediately.

She stared at Liang Liang and asked, “Liang Liang, what are you trying to say!”

Liang Liang stared at her.”Bai Anan, I didnt expect you to do such a thing!” As a police officer, is this what you should do”

Bai Anan sneered.”What have I done to make you criticize me like this Also, as a police officer, my only purpose is to bring the murderer to justice! Wuhen is the murderer!”

Liang Liang stared at her.

After a while, he suddenly sneered.”lm so disappointed in you.”

Then, he turned around and left.

Bai Anan stared at his back.

The moment he walked out of the door, she felt her blood boiling.

She couldnt help but exclaim,”wow!” Then, he spat out a mouthful of blood!

[Authors note: Im feeling drowsy and writing too slowly Im going to bed.

Everyone, go to bed early.

Take care of your health during this period.

Many of your friends have caught a cold.

See you tomorrow..]

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