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Chapter 2032 – The Ending Between Them … (2)

Hearing mother Bais unreasonable words, Liang Liang frowned.

He didnt want to argue with her and took a step back, but mother Bai came to him again.”Liang Liang, dont go.

Im telling you, dont even think about leaving today.

Your wife is undergoing surgery inside.

What do you want to do” Are you still thinking about that woman outside No! If anything happens to your wife, you and that woman outside will have to pay with your wifes life!”

She said this very loudly, so the people walking back and forth in the hospital stood in the distance and looked over.

After hearing this, everyone automatically thought that Liang Liang was a heartless man, so they all pointed at him.

Liang Liang frowned.”Mom, stop …”

“What, now you feel guilty Why didnt you feel uncomfortable when you did it Wuwu, if you were that Vixen, how could you be so cold to my daughter! Tell me, from the time my daughter was pregnant to the time she gave birth, did you even stay at home for a day Have you ever taken care of her for a day Your mind is filled with that little B * tch, have you ever smiled at my daughter”

“Why did my daughter give birth to a stillborn isnt it because of that little B * tch What were you doing at that time Youre talking to the little B * tch, but you didnt care when my daughter said she was going to give birth.

You even said that my daughter was a fake This delayed the best time for treatment.

How can you be such a scumbag, my poor daughter …”

Mother Bais crying complaints made the people around them point at them even more.

Someone even said,”l didnt expect such a scumbag to be a police officer …”Yeah, he looks quite energetic.

I didnt expect him to be such a person!”

‘Young man, do you think youre worthy of your clothes Before serving the people, please correct yourself!”

Everyone chimed in and explained the great principles of life to Liang Liang.

Liang Liang frowned and stopped talking.

At this moment, the door of the ward suddenly opened, and a nurse rushed out.

“The patient is bleeding profusely! We need to remove the patients uterus to ensure the patients safety.

Who is the patients family please sign the operation form!”

‘Me!” Liang Liang said immediately.

The nurse handed the surgery form to Liang Liang.

When Liang Liang was about to sign, mother Bai suddenly rushed over.

“You dont need to sign! If my daughters uterus is removed, how is she going to get pregnant in the future”

Liang Liang frowned, “”Mom, which is more important now your lift or your child”

Mother Bai choked and shouted, “as a woman, not being able to have children is the greatest tragedy in life!” You dont need to sign!”

“The patients life is in danger,” the nurse said.

“If you dont sign the papers, youll be wasting your life!” Hurry up!”

Liang Liang took a look at mother Bai.

Seeing that she was still hesitating, he pushed her away and signed the operation form.

When the nurse saw the signature, she was relieved.

Without looking at mother Bai, she directly entered the operating room.

After the nurse entered the operation, mother Bai immediately burst into tears.

She sat on the ground, pointed at Liang liangtong and scolded,””How can you sign it do you know how miserable it is for a woman to be infertile Wow How can you sign it are you even human”

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