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Chapter 1401

In the festive hall, two men walked forward with a steady gait.

The guy with blonde hair wore a gilded mask that looked like it was made from platinum and gold.

He exuded grace and elegance like that of a noble.

The other one was a man Wu Yan and Silvia could recognize from a single glance.

His silver hair was tied in a ponytail while he dyed a little knot of his bangs in red.

His unique mask also gave him away.

This guy had a frigid aura.

Milgauss is here.

As predicted, Milgauss infiltrated the city and attended this event.

In other words, it is highly likely Milgauss already started his evil plan.

Wu Yans deep red eyes were like reticles, his sniper-like gaze fell on Milgauss.

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“Looks like we dont have to search anymore.”


They wore masks but the nobles aura surpassed the authority of the other nobles here.

Their overwhelming presence forced the people in their way to give way.

Wu Yan stood defiantly in their path along with Silvia by his side.

The two Zepharos delegates approached the two students.

Other than close aides and bodyguards, almost all the attendees were nobles.

With their sense of the general mood heightened, the people noticed this confrontation before they looked on with interest.

This is a prequel to the Continental Summit, anything that happens here might repeat at the summit so they wanted to gather as much data as they could.

Alas, it is almost certain that Milgauss will stand in opposition to the Knightdom.

“Oh, dear…”

The noble stopped talking to another noble.

He turned around to give them both a radiant smile.

“I was almost certain I am in the presence of a goddess…”

The noble hastened his steps before presenting himself in front of Wu Yan and Silvia.

He ignored the guy while introducing himself to Silvia through a nobles curtsy.

“The fourth princess of Lautreamont Knightdom, Princess Silvia, I presume”

Silvias heart tightened.

She was identified on the spot

“Your unique aura cannot be hidden by a mere mask, your highness…”

The noble chuckled.

“Since this is a masked ball, let us do away with our identities and just have a nice chat.”


Silvia nodded.

She returned the favor.

“Klaus Viderhausen, a famed noble of the Zepharos empire, I am honored by your presence.”

“Oh, my, you saw through me”

The noble shrugged.

He wasnt trying to hide his identity anyway.


Klaus looked at Wu Yan.

“Who is this”


He grinned.

“An old friend of Milgauss…”

“Old friend”

Stunned, Klaus tried to search his memories.

“Yes, were old acquiantances…”

Milgauss replied.

“Long time no see, Lord Rowan.”

“Its been a while.”

Wu Yan chortled.

“I missed talking with you.”

“How amusing, I was itching to find you too.”

Milgauss words were as frosty as ice.

Like enemies, the two stared each other down.

It looked like the two might brawl without any warnings.

Klaus tried to stop the two from making a scene by stepping in between them.

“Ah, an old friend, how shocking…”

“Please, I am equally surprised.”

Wu Yan poked fun at Milgauss.

“Lord Klaus, my friend has a bad personality.

Looks like he is working for you so please guard him well, dont let him go around making a mess of everything.”

Milgauss hid his enmity while Klaus tried to laugh this one off.

“Yes, I am very fond of my follower.

Please, be at ease, I will look after him.”


Wu Yan shrugged, he grabbed Silvias hand.

“Well then, let us end this here…”

“Enjoy yourselves…”

Klaus bid them farewell too.

Wu Yan led Silvia away from them.


Klaus mumbled.

“That man is not simple.”


Milgauss concurred.

“Hes a troublesome person to deal with.”


Klaus asked.

“Is he going to be an obstacle”

“Not really.”

Milgauss shrugged him off.

“The plan has already begun.”

Klaus chuckled.


“What are we going to do”

SIlvia asked after leaving Klaus and Milgauss.

“We know Milgauss is in the capital.

If he attacks…”

“Calm down…”

Wu Yan grabbed her hand tighter.

“He is here but it doesnt look like he is attacking.

Maybe he is just a guard for once”


Silvia rejected that notion.

“Milgauss knows he is already exposed.

Yet, he chose to venture into the capital, this means he has a countermeasure.”

“Yes, we need proof.”

Wu Yan winked.

“We just need a casus belli to pounce on that guy.”

“Lord Rowan! Princess!”

An anxious voice called out to them.

Wu Yan and Silvia looked in that direction only to see Cossette running toward them with a panicked look.

“Whats wrong”

Wu Yan immediately had a bad feeling.

Cossette confirmed his foreboding sense.

“Something bad happened! Lord Ash and Eco-chan are gone!”

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