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Visiting Mount Sword at Night. Who Are They

As Lin Ran finished speaking,

Ten thousand swords buzzed at the same time, and the entire Mount Sword seemed to have come to life. Even the spiritual swords were responding, looking like they were about to take off and fly to Lin Ran.

If Daoist Li was still alive, he would definitely be shocked to see this scene. Other than his master, Lin Ran was the second person capable of causing such a phenomenon on Mount Sword.

The sword intent at the foot of the mountain was overflowing, as if it was celebrating the advent of something.

The roaring at the mountaintop was growing especially strong, which formed a sharp contrast.

Lin Ran suddenly opened his eyes that were sparkling with sword light. His entire body was surging with an inexplicable force, like a divine sword that was ready to strike.

Lin Ran focused his mind and everything returned to silence. Now, not to mention a grandmaster, even a senior grandmaster might not be able to see through him.

“I actually broke through successfully…”

The Five Elements Spirit Stone flickered with a jade-like light. It was simply beyond Lin Rans expectations. He didnt expect his breakthrough this time to be so easy.

Logically speaking, breaking through from Martial Master to Grandmaster was very difficult. Some cultivators would be stuck at this stage for decades.

However, Lin Ran made it very successful. Not only was it thanks to the Formless Sword Body, but Daoist Lis death also taught him a great lesson and made him learn something he otherwise wouldnt.

As a grandmaster, not only would Lin Rans lifespan increase, but also his appearance would remain unchanged. Most importantly, his five senses were made more acute. Previously, he could only sense movements and sounds within a hundred miles, but now, he could capture everything that was happening in Mount Sword.

Like now—

He could sense a few sneaky people climbing up Mount Sword on the other side. They were heading towards the top.

“Is this a good idea After all, Ten Mile Sword God is the guardian of the Heavenly Saint Dynasty. Will our movements here disturb him”

“Dont worry. According to the information from Master, the Sword God is suppressing some kind of evil demon on the peak and hasnt shown up for decades. Thats why were sent here. To investigate what exactly is going on.”

“I understand what you are saying, but I still have a bad feeling. This is the territory of Sword God. If were found out, well be dead as a doornail.”

His companion was clearly losing patience. “Why are you such a coward Mount Sword is currently only guarded by Sword Gods sword apprentice and a weak guardian. They cant be our match.”

None of them realized that there was another person behind them.

These people were all in the realm of Martial Master. No wonder they were so cocky. If it were Lin Ran in the beginning, even if he joined forces with Daoist Li, they wouldnt be able to deal with them.

But now, Lin Ran could deal with them with a finger.

Only at this point did he know that Daoist Li was actually Sword Gods sword apprentice.

“Welcome, everyone. I hope your journey here has been a pleasant one.”

The sudden male voice shocked all of them.

“Who is it Show yourself!”

The men in black were shocked. They turned around and realized that there was a figure standing in the darkness. They did not know how long the figure had been following them, but they did not notice it at all.

However, this figure did not emit any energy fluctuations and was just like an ordinary person.

Ordinary people couldnt possibly climb a mountain that was tens of thousands of feet tall with their bare hands without alerting them. His strength could not be underestimated. However, according to the information, neither the sword apprentice nor the new mountain guardian could have such cultivation.

“Who are you”

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“The Mountain Guardian.”

The men in black looked at each other and nodded.

Without warning, they initiated an attack at the same time. The sound of sharp weapons piercing through the air resounded through the mountain range. Even the cold moon in the sky was frightened by the sword energy and hid in the clouds, only revealing a tip.

The men in black were fast, but in Lin Rans eyes, their speed seemed to have slowed down multiple times. He could even tell what their next moves were.

Lin Ran was slightly surprised by the strength he had just gotten.

Because it was pitch black, they did not see the weapon Lin Ran was using.

In the next second, Lin Ran suddenly disappeared into the thin air. The men were shocked, puzzled for a second as to what just happened.

“Are you looking for me”

For some reason, the men felt a chill run down their spines, and their hands shook so violently that they couldnt even properly hold their swords.

Feeling the strong wind above their heads, they subconsciously raised their hands to block it. They felt their hands go numb and the swords in their hands fell off. The sharp sword intent brought them to the brink of death.

Under the moonlight, they finally saw the weapon Lin Ran was using.

It was actually just a tree branch!

On the other hand, their swords had already fallen to the ground and were broken into several pieces.

Lin Ran stood there calmly while the men in black retreated step by step, looking as if they were scared out of their wits.

To be able to use a branch to defeat them and break their swords, who else could this man be but the Ten Mile Sword God

“Lets go!”

The men in black knew they were not his match. After throwing down a smoke bomb, they jumped off the cliff in a sorry state.

Lin Ran had no intention of chasing after them. These people were simply too weak. If not for the sake of stopping them from climbing higher, he wouldnt even be bothered to show up.

He looked at the mountaintop and recalled what those men had just said.


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