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The Death of Sword God and the Escape of the Evil Demon!

Lin Ran was suddenly struck by a bold guess. Something that would make him and the Heavenly Saint Dynasty extremely terrified was about to happen.

He slowly walked over. This corpse should have been dead for decades. Its bones were like jade, and its clothes were rotten. Even so, Lin Ran could still feel the sharp sword intent that had yet to dissipate.

The sword intent was soul-shaking and awe-inspiring, causing one to retreat in fear.

There was no need to say out loud the identity of the corpse. To be able to possess such sword intent, even if he died, he would continue to linger in this world.

If there was anything else that could prove this persons identity, it was the sword beside him. Unfortunately, the sword was already broken.

Lin Ran reached out to pick it up. Even though it was broken, the sword energy was still formidable and strong that it could almost materialize. The hilt was inlaid with dragon patterns and rubies, surging with an inexplicable power. It was obvious that it was a peerless divine sword.


A cold light appeared, followed by a dragons roar.

It was the roar Lin Ran had heard before.

He could not help but fall into deep thought. The divine sword had a spirit. Even if Sword God died, it would still carry spiritual energy. It was rumored that Sword God was also born with a sword body. It was probably because of this that Lin Rans Formless Sword Body resonated with the divine sword.

Not it all made sense why he heard the roars coming from the mountaintop.

“I see.”

“But what broke you”

This was Sword Gods sword. Even if it was broken, it still carried enormous power, let alone before it was broken.

Looking at the ghastly skeleton in front of him, Lin Ran sighed. He also noticed that the skeleton had his fist clenched tight, looking like he was about to strike. What exactly was Sword God going to attack

The eyes of the skeleton were fixed on the southeast direction above, looking like he was unwilling to die just yet.

Lin Ran looked up and saw a huge gap. In addition, there were several deep claw marks on both sides. He couldnt help but gasp.

The evil aura he sensed previously when he came in was densest here. Even after so long, the aura still did not dissipate. This must be the place where the evil thing was sealed.

There were all kinds of mysterious totems and symbols carved around the cave. It should be some kind of array formation. However, it was now damaged and no longer had the divine power from before. The thing imprisoned inside had also escaped.

Lin Ran had a complicated feeling as he looked at the skeleton.

Only then did he notice that there was a line written in a small font on the ground. The handwriting was messy. It must have been written by the Sword God in a hurry.

“I was born with a sword body and entered the path of the Sword Dao after decades of cultivation. In order to protect the dynasty, I came here to subdue the evil demon and dedicated my life to reaching the realm of Saint. However, the demon was cunning and sinister. While I was breaking through to the Half-Saint Realm, I was attacked and infected with the evil aura, which will soon decay me from inside out. If anyone is guided to come here by fate, you can inherit everything from me. Although Dragon Roar is broken, it can be reforged. I only have one wish. Please protect the person wearing the phoenix-patterned ruby.”

The huge amount of information stunned Lin Ran for a long time.

“The legendary Sword God, who is said to be subduing a demon here, is actually dead and turned into a skeleton!”

“Without Sword Gods presence, the demon has long broken the seal and escaped. Now, the demon is nowhere to be found!”

“The seal that Daoist Li had guarded and maintained for his entire life is useless!”

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Ten Miles Sword God had already reached the Senior Grandmaster realm, but when he was breaking through to the Half-Saint realm, he was attacked and killed by the demon.

Logically speaking, Sword God must be many times stronger than the demon. According to Sword Gods description, the demon should have used some underhanded methods to make Sword God fall into its trap.

Now, Sword God was no longer around, leaving only a broken sword. It was really a pitiful sight.

Sword God, a legend of the era, died just like that, and the most terrifying thing was that the outside world did not know about this!

If not for Lin Rans sudden intrusion, no one would have noticed it even after decades or a hundred years.

After all, this was a forbidden area that was difficult for ordinary people to enter. Even if they came to the mountaintop, it would be difficult for them to discern the clues from the sword marks.

“Sword God, rest in peace. After inheriting what is yours, I will fulfill your promise.”

If Sword God was still alive, he might have reached the Half-Saint Realm. With these sword marks and the other things in the cave, Lin Ran could learn a lot, so, in a way, he regarded Sword God as his shifu.

Perhaps it was Lin Rans illusion, but he felt the violent sword intent in the air calmed down.

Lin Ran buried the skeleton so that Sword God could rest in peace.

There were very few things left behind by Sword God. Apart from a broken sword and a few other things, there was nothing else.

This broken sword was called Ten Mile Dragon Roar. Unfortunately, it was broken while Sword God was battling with the demon. Now that it could no longer be used, he had to find a way to gather the materials and forge it again.

However, the materials needed for this divine sword were definitely precious. It would probably be another problem.

Lin Ran carefully wiped it. The originally dusty ruby on the hilt emitted a dazzling light again, as if countless sword beams were shooting out.

Dragon Roar jerked slightly before it started trembling violently. On instinct, Lin Ran tightened his grip on the sword.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in. You have obtained the remnant internal energy of Ten Mile Sword God and the Divine Sword Technique Manual.]


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