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The Inheritance of Sword God! The Heaven-Defying Divine Sword Technique Manual!

Lin Ran saw an image appear where a figure holding Dragon Roar was defending an entire army on his own.

One strike of the sword could cause the earth to split!

Just looking at the back of the figure made one feel reverence. It was as if the figure was standing at the top of the world and looking down on all living beings.

As soon as Dragon Roar was unsheathed, a golden dragon soared to the sky, bringing out a formidable sword energy. Instantly, the battlefield was enveloped by the humongous dragon.

Those Senior Martial Masters and Grandmasters could not even withstand the power of Dragon Roar and were instantly reduced to ashes. What a terrifying power.

At this moment, even if Lin Ran was just a spectator, he could feel the destructive power of Dragon Roar. In comparison, his current strength was too weak.

“Is this the power of a ninth-level Senior Grandmaster”

Lin Ran subconsciously clenched his fists. Not only did he not retreat, but he even looked straight at the sword beam, not showing signs of backing down.

If Sword God could achieve it, he would be able to achieve it too. It was just a matter of time.

An unyielding will spread out from Lin Ran, and the sword intent that belonged to him condensed at this moment. An inexplicable power surged in his body, and his aura was like the rising sun, instantly occupying an area.

Sword Gods sword intent was also gravitated towards him..

The two sword intents collided in midair.


The world shook! A huge energy fluctuation devoured everything, turning everything into rubble and sucking them into the void.

Even Lin Ran was devoured. He could feel the majestic sword energy rampaging through his body. He was too weak to handle it, and his internal organs exploded.

However, because of the Formless Sword Body, the internal organs were quickly repaired. At this moment, Lin Ran was trapped in the cycle of exploding and repairing. No one knew how much pain he was enduring.

However, the benefits such suffering brought about were unimaginable. The speed of recovery became faster and faster, and his body became tougher and was filled with sword energy. Unless he suffered destructive damage in the future, nothing could hurt Lin Ran.

After God knows how long, Lin Ran slowly opened his eyes. He felt like what happened just now was just an illusion.

However, his body was surging with powerful force and he realized that he was actually at the first level of Senior Grandmaster.

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Just the remaining internal energy from Sword God could send him to this realm. It was hard to imagine what Sword God was truly capable of.

Lin Ran rubbed Dragon Roar and could feel the bond between them getting deeper. His tone was like he was talking to a good friend he hadnt seen for many years. “Ill fix you sooner or later and give you your former glory.”

Dragon Roar was attracted to the Formless Sword Body. In addition, after Lin Ran inherited Sword Gods internal energy, Dragon Roar became more close to him.

It trembled as if it was responding to Lin Ran.

Divine swords were spiritual. Even if he couldnt use it now, it would definitely become his good aide in the future. Lin Ran held the sword hilt in his hand and felt that the sword seemed to be forged especially for him.

“Speaking of which, what is this Divine Sword Technique Manual”

Perhaps because this place was special and it was where the Sword God subdued the demon, the system was very generous this time and gave Lin Ran two things.

“This is too heaven-defying. This is simply a walking treasure trove of divine weapons.”

After Lin Ran figured out the Divine Sword Technique Manual, he was awe-struck.

It was equivalent to a skill that could store all the famous swords in the world and be unsheathed at any time.

However, this skill had a cooldown effect, and there was a limit to the swords that could be taken out. Otherwise, it would be too OP.

This skill could be upgraded. This meant that Lin Ran could reduce the cooldown time and increase the limits of swords in the future.

This was a great windfall for Lin Ran. Not only did he obtain Dragon Roar, but he also obtained the Divine Sword Technique Manual and even broke through to the first level of Senior Grandmaster Realm.

Lin Ran used the Five Elements Spirit Stones to purify the evil aura in the air. Without the influence of the evil aura, this place was simply perfect for cultivation.

After all, this was once the place where Sword God cultivated in seclusion. It was filled with spiritual energy. Be it cultivating or wiping the spiritual swords, it would be more effective.

Most importantly, Lin Ran could observe the sword marks left by Sword God and learn from him. Every and each strike Sword God dealt was enough for Lin Ran to learn for some time.

He was the only one in the entire Mount Sword. Now that his divine sense had enveloped the entire mountain, as soon as there were strange movements, he would be the first to know.

At the same time, he also found the notes left behind by Sword God, on which he recorded things he encountered while traveling all around the world in his early days. After reading them, Lin Ran felt his horizon broadened.

“Sword God is really knowledgeable. Im deeply impressed.”

There was no sunlight in the cave. Lin Ran sat cross-legged and focused his mind to cultivate. Time passed quickly. After God knows how long, he figured out and mastered all the sword marks on the rock wall.

He had also learned most of the sword techniques left behind by Sword God. Those techniques were simply a treasure. Should they be known to the world, they would definitely cause people to risk their lives fighting to get it.

[Congratulations, host. You have successfully signed in and obtained the Graceful Sword Moves.]

Lin Ran happened to lack a movement technique. With the Graceful Sword Moves and the help of the Three Essence Sword Technique and the Five Elements Sword Technique, he could kill people without leaving a trace.


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