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Good Heavy Swords Are Blunt

The series of notifications stunned Lin Ran who was standing rooted to the ground.

As a game player in his previous life, how could Lin Ran not know what sign-in was Apparently, it was true that when God closes one door, He opens another. He wasnt doomed.

[Can I get a reward as long as I sign in]

[The system will give you a notification when it is time to sign in. You can obtain a reward by wiping swords. Different swords have different rewards. If you wipe your sword at a special time or place, you will also receive a special reward.]

It turned out that he could only sign in at a given time. Naturally, if he could sign in all the time without limit, the rewards in the system would probably be emptied.

However, even so, Lin Ran was satisfied. Thinking about how he could get a reward just by signing in and wiping swords, he felt that it was no different from a free lunch.

[Can I sign in in the same location]

[Yes, you can.]

After getting the answer from the system, Lin Ran was relieved. If he was asked to sign in at a different place, wouldnt he have to travel all over the world It was definitely unrealistic for him now.

Seeing that he did not move and seemed to be in a daze, Daoist Li could not help but ask, “Whats wrong”

Only then did Lin Ran come back to his senses and suppress the excitement in his heart. “Nothing. I want to walk around alone.”

Daoist Li did not stop him. He only instructed Lin Ran to not go too far. “Mount Sword is enormous. There are many empty houses. You can find one to cultivate.”

After giving a few more reminders, Daoist Li quickly vanished in thin air just like the way he appeared.

“What a spooky old man,” Lin Ran couldnt help but mutter.

Daoist Li said that there were three people stationed there, but until now, he hadnt seen the third person appear.

Perhaps the third person was cultivating somewhere, or perhaps he was a loner and did not want to see strangers.

“Since the system said that the rewards for wiping different swords are different, and I cant sign in every day, I have to be careful with choosing the sword I wipe.”

As Lin Ran walked around Mount Sword, he was dazzled by the swords stretching out to as far as the eye could see. He realized that the deeper he went, the sharper the Sword Intent. However, after being warned by the Daoist Li, he did not dare to go too far for the time being.

Mount Sword had a history of a few hundred years. It was said to be established by the founding emperor, Emperor Tian Sheng. The first sword buried here was Emperor Tian Shengs beloved sword.

Later on, he collected many divine swords, which was why Mount Sword had its current scale. It was called Mount Sword, but more precisely, it was a sword tomb. Apart from the Imperial Mausoleum, it was the holiest place in the dynasty.

This place was open, flat, and deadly quiet, devoid of even the singing of birds and the chirping of insects. It was as if any noise, no matter how loud, was blasphemy to this place.

Lin Ran had the delusion that he was the only one left in the world.

As if being pulled by magnetic force, he walked mechanically ahead with a frown.

The pitch-black sword was made of top-grade black jade and iron. Under the sunlight, it flickered with a mysterious luster.

The black iron heavy sword in front of him was more than two feet long. The blade looked wider than usual, but it was by no means sharp and even looked a bit blunt.

“Good heavy swords are blunt,” Lin Ran muttered to himself.


He slowly read out the name of the black iron heavy sword. As if the two of them had reached some kind of agreement, the spiritual energy in the surrounding fluctuated strongly, and an invisible force connected the two of them.

He might have been hallucinating, but he felt a buzz in the air, as if it was a response from the sword.

Lin Ran subconsciously opened his arms as a chilling sword energy swept past him, but it carried no killing intent. He felt like he was just greeted by an old friend. It was a special feeling that was indescribable.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in and obtaining the Formless Sword Body.]

The notification that rang in his ears snapped Lin Ran back to reality.

Formless Sword Body What was this

A beam of golden light entered the space between Lin Rans eyebrows. Lin Ran felt his body tremble as if an electric current was running through him, causing him a burning sensation.

At first, it was bearable, but gradually, the pain intensified. Sweat broke out on Lin Rans forehead, and he looked like he had been drenched in water. Even his face turned ghastly pale.

It was as if countless swords were shuttling back and forth through his body, stirring up all all the nerves and cells. It was more excruciating than being tortured to death. Even his vessels were filled with sharp sword intent.

At this moment, he was like a small boat in the ocean at the mercy of the overpowering sea waves.

Lin Ran sat cross-legged to focus his attention. He gritted his teeth as his consciousness gradually became blurry. In front of him, countless sword shadows appeared and surrounded him.


An ear-piercing sound of explosion echoed through the mountain range before it quickly went away. It came and went so fast that people thought they were hallucinating.

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In the deepest part of Mount Sword, a pair of eyes opened calmly. They were filled with supreme dignity and pressure, as if they could determine the life and death of a person with a glance. However, the eyes quickly closed again.

No one knew where this pair of eyes came from.

Daoist Li also seemed to have sensed something, but he did not find anything unusual and did not take it to heart.

After an unknown period of time, the pain Lin Ran felt gradually dissipated, replaced by a warm current that slowly flowed through his body, filling him with indescribable warmth.

When Lin Ran regained consciousness, a horrible stench overwhelmed him.

After seeing the situation in front of him, he took a deep breath. “Damn! What the hell is this”


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