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Black and White Sword, Exorcism Sword Energy!

If this group of people knew that the Ten Miles Sword God was no longer alive, they would probably immediately mutiny. Now, they did not dare to approach the forbidden area because they thought the Sword God was still alive.

No secrets could be kept forever. Sooner or later, they would find out the truth. Moreover, looking at these people, it was obvious that they couldnt wait anymore.

Unless the Sword God really showed up himself, these people wouldnt give up on their plan.

“I heard that a new master is residing on the mountain. Im afraid hes recruited by the Ten Mile Sword God. The people I sent last time were beaten up by him.”

“He might be the disciple of the Sword God. I suppose hes just a Senior Martial Master or at most a Grandmaster. We have a Senior Grandmaster here. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Lin Ran listened attentively. These people seemed to be talking about him.

“What a bunch of cowards you are. If the Sword God is really alive, why has no one seen him all these years”

These words completely hit the nail on the head, making everyone present excited.

Although the Sword God was a powerful presence that they couldnt afford to challenge, their growing desires were stronger than their fear.

“Sect Leader Zhou, youre right!”

King Zhao was the first to agree. On the other hand, Sun Zhanghong was cunning and did not comment immediately.

“Weve been planning for so long. Its time to start implementing the plan.”

Sun Zhanghong stroked his beard. He had always been meticulous. After all, if the plan fell flat, it would be a serious crime that would result in his entire family being beheaded. “That being said, we still have to consider it carefully.”

Zhou Hao snorted. He despised Sun Zhanghongs style of doing things.

“Weve been waiting for long enough. If we wait until the emperor has a son, then itll be ten times harder to execute the plan. My apology if Im being rude, but I think you are just scared of death. If thats the case, Official Sun, why did you get involved”

“Im thinking about the big picture. What do you, a brainless brute, know”

Seeing that the two of them were about to start a quarrel, King Zhao quickly came out to smooth things over. “Youre both right. I have a plan that can probably work.”

“The Sword God is loyal to the royal family. If His Majesty is in danger, do you think he can still sit still—”

Before King Zhao needed to finish, the other two understood what he meant.

“However, Sect Master Zhou, Ill have to trouble you with this matter. Please find a position that can only be removed by people in the realm of Senior Grandmaster. This way, we can force the Sword God to show himself.”

“If the Sword God doesnt come out of the mountain, we will immediately dispatch the troops. If the Sword God does come out of the mountain, its fine. Removing the prison will cost him a great amount of cultivation. By that time, it wont be impossible to deal with him.”

The few of them looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

“King Zhao, your strategy is wise and flawless. Im impressed.”

There was not much information after that. After returning to Mount Sword, Lin Ran couldnt help but sigh.

“Its not easy to be a new emperor. Not only is there internal and external trouble, but her identity is also special. If her identity was exposed, shed probably be in danger.”

This might result in war breaking out across the Heavenly Saint Dynasty.

However, it had nothing to do with Lin Ran. He was not born and raised here, so his sense of belonging to the Heavenly Saint Dynasty was naturally negligible. He was compelled to protect the empress simply because of the will of the Sword God and Daoist Li.

Without hard evidence, even if he told the empress about the conspiracy, she would probably not believe him, and he might end up being accused of sowing discord.

After all, one of them was a vassal king with military power, and the other was a high-ranking official of the imperial court, whereas Lin Ran was just a low-ranking official guarding the mountain. It was obvious which side the empress would stand on.

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“Right now, I can only wait and see.”

After the previous gathering by the conspirators, the number of people spying on Mount Sword had clearly decreased, but there were still a few keeping an eye on it.

Lin Ran was not worried at all. He continued to cultivate and wipe the swords as usual. After all, nothing was more important to him than absolute strength.

Over the past few days, he felt a special energy fluctuation coming from the depths of the cave. Lin Ran was immediately attracted to it.

“What is this.”

There was actually a sword lying in the corner of the place where the demon was sealed, but he failed to notice it before.

The sword was half black and half white. It looked extremely strange, like a Tai Chi Yin-Yang pattern. In the vast Great Dao, he seemed to see a black and a white fish slowly rising.

Lin Ran subconsciously stretched out his hand, and the two fish quickly dissipated into the air. When he looked closely, he saw that the sword was standing there upright. The pattern on it was like the sun and the moon, opposing each other.

He sized up the broken seal beside him. There was still an evil aura in the air. Not far away was the place where the Ten Miles Sword God cultivated and subdued the demon.

Suddenly, Lin Ran was enlightened. “I see.”

He could not help but reach out to stroke the sword. As he had expected, he felt an evil aura and righteous aura intertwining.

It turned out that this sword had been standing here since the beginning and had been corroded by the evil aura, causing the sword to turn black. However, it was also affected by the righteous aura coming out of the Sword God, which made it white.

This led to the strange characteristic of this sword, which was that it was half black and half white.

“I believe youre also an extraordinary sword. Otherwise, how could you resist the corrosion of the evil aura for so long”

The sword gave off a cold aura and trembled slightly as a way of response.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in and obtaining the Exorcism Sword Energy.]


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