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Sword God Shows Up

Seeing that there was no response from Mount Sword, Fu Siruis eyes were filled with despair. He sat on the ground dejectedly. “Is the Sword God really going to watch the emperor die”

Unlike him, on Su Zhanhongs face, there was a smug smile.

It seemed that they had guessed it right. The Sword God was not on the mountain at all, or rather, he was already dead!

Sun Zhanghong forced out tears and looked like he was in extreme grief. It had to be said that his acting skills were so excellent that even Lin Ran was amazed.

“Prime Minister Fu, you must have other ways.”

“We dont have much time left. If the Sword God doesnt make offer help, Im afraid His Majesty will really—”

Fu Sirui choked with emotion. The expressions of the civil and military officials were equally solemn. They did not dare to imagine how much impact the death of the new emperor would have.

Just as everyone was in despair, the situation suddenly changed.

The ground shook violently. All the ministers stood up in shock and said in a panic, “What happened Is there an earthquake”

“Run, theres going to be an earthquake.”

The violent trembling made everyone stagger. They could barely stand firm. Just as everyone was about to scurry away, one of the ministers looked like he had seen a ghost.


The swords on Mount Sword were jiggling violently, causing the entire mountain to shake. Clearly, it was the swords that shook the earth just now.

They had never seen such a phenomenon before. Over the last century, Mount Sword had been tranquil, and nothing like that had ever happened.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what was going on. One of the ministers couldnt help but mutter, “Are these swords crazy”

The commotion on Mount Sword quickly attracted the attention of the guards and martial artists in the palace. They all looked towards the direction of Mount Sword.

The ministers werent cultivating the Martial Dao, so they naturally could not feel it.

However, to the martial artists, even from such a long distance, they could feel a strong sword intent quickly spreading out from Mount Sword as the center.

It was as if a huge mountain was pressing down on their heads. Everyone who was in the Realm of Martial Master felt the pressure and revealed a panicked look.

“What powerful sword Energy. Is the Sword God really coming out of seclusion”

“Im afraid its true. Who else in the world has such a powerful sword energy other than the Sword God.”

Everyone in the Imperial City was inexplicably nervous. Many people revealed extremely reverent expressions. “After so many years, the Sword God has finally appeared again.”

“Being able to see the Sword God in person, I have no regrets in my life.”

After so many years, the image of the Sword God in everyones hearts was only magnified as time flew by. They had been looking forward to seeing the Sword God descending on the mortal world again.

On the other hand, those who were afraid of the Sword God could not sit still. For example, Sun Zhanghong subconsciously clenched his fists to fight back the fear that was rising in him.

Fu Siruis eyes lit up with hope again. “Is the Sword God finally going to appear”

Ten thousand swords roared at the same time, and the sword intent that condensed seemed to be able to materialize. This magnificent scene shocked everyone. Facing the sword intent that covered the sky, they were awe-struck.

People like Sun Zhanghong who had a guilty conscience were turning pale on their faces.

Fortunately, in front of the imposing sword intent, it was only natural for one to get scared, so no one noticed anything strange about Sun Zhanghong.

In the midst of countless sword beams, a figure slowly walked out of the forbidden area. Every step he took seemed to contain a huge force that shook everyones hearts.

“What brought you all here to disturb my cultivation”

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The ministers stared at the person who was wrapped in black clothes and could not be seen clearly. In an instant, Mount Sword regained its tranquility.

The divine swords were sentient. It was as if they had seen a king, they immediately stopped being restless. Similarly, the ministers didnt dare to breathe loudly. Fu Sirui felt his heart beating like a drum.

No one would suspect the mans identity, let alone think that the “Sword God” was Lin Ran in disguise.

Lin Ran couldnt possibly tell everyone that the Sword God had already died while suppressing the demon. If word got out, the entire Heavenly Saint Dynasty would be in chaos. Now, he could only pretend to be the Sword God for the time being.

The Sword God lived in seclusion to begin with, and very few people had seen his true appearance. Now that decades had passed, it was even more impossible for anyone to recognize him. With Lin Rans current strength, it was easy for him to disguise as the Sword God, and no one would suspect him.

“Sword God, please save His Majesty.”

Fu Sirui was about to kneel down to Lin Ran when an invisible force kept him from bending his knees.

Was this the power of the Sword God He was extremely shocked.

“Prime Minister Fu, theres no need to show manners. I already know.”

As expected, after Lin Ran showed them what hes capable of, no one doubted his identity as the “Sword God”.

Even if he had a mask on, they just thought that the Sword God liked to remain mysterious. After all, Senior Grandmasters were always a little peculiar.

Perhaps Sun Zhanghong was overthinking, but he felt that the “Sword God” was looking at him with a sharp gaze that made him shiver.

It was as if all schemes and plots were laid bare in front of him.

No, the Sword God had been in seclusion all this time. How could he know their plan He was just scaring himself.

Lin Ran summoned his spiritual sword, and a cold light flashed across the air. He rode on the sword and flew away. Looking at his departing figure, everyone felt like he was really a god descended from the heavens.

Before anyone could react, Lin Ran was no longer in sight, leaving all of them dumbfounded on the spot.


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