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Multiple Layers of Meaning to His Words

Everyone knew that the Sword God was treating Sheng Yuan Emperor. The crowd nearby was dispersed so as to not disturb the treatment. Therefore, Lin Ran was not worried that someone would suddenly barge in.

The throne hall was grand and majestic. It was decorated in gold and jade with coiling dragons sprawling out across the roof.

There was a plaque hanging in the middle with the wordsJustice and Righteousness engraved on it. It was written with vigorous strokes and obviously by a prestigious calligrapher.

In particular, the dragon throne was made of pure gold. Lin Ran couldnt help but sigh. “No wonder everyone wants to be the emperor and sit on the throne.”

“I wonder what kind of effect signing in here will have.”

Lin Ran took out a sword and wiped it slowly.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in and obtaining the Nine Yin-Yang Swords.]

As soon as the system finished speaking, golden light appeared on the throne room, forming a golden dragon that roared and surrounded Lin Ran.

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The more light that came out, the more corporeal the dragon. With eyes sparkling with divine light, it was no different from a real dragon.

A dragon roar shook the hall, accompanied by a crisp phoenix cry.

What immediately followed the cry was the appearance of a dazzling phoenix with gorgeous feather fluttering in the air. It was letting out rays of radiant lights that dimmed the throne hall.

It seemed that with a gentle flap of its wings, the phoenix could send the entire world into shock.

The dragon and phoenix stood by Lin Rans side like guardians. They sang in union and danced around him, as if they were holding some kind of ritual.

The others were naturally shocked by the special energy fluctuations coming from inside the hall, but they did not barge in. They thought that it was caused by the Sword God while treating Sheng Yuan Emperor.

After all, when the Sword God came out of the forbidden area, the energy fluctuation he brought about was mind-blowing too.

After an unknown period of time, everything finally returned to normal. Lin Ran slowly walked out of the throne hall. The ministers outside did not expect the treatment to finish so quickly.

After all, this was a strange poison that even stumped the most experienced Imperial Physician.

Fu Sirui quickly went forward and asked, “Sword God, how is His Majesty”

“Dont worry. Hell wake up after a short rest.”

Fu Sirui immediately cried tears of joy and almost knelt down to kowtow to Lin Ran again, but Lin Ran stopped him.

“On behalf of the entire Heavenly Saint Dynasty and His Majesty, thank you for offering help.”

“Its fine. This is what I should do.”

Sun Zhanhong stood by the side, rooted to the ground with his eyes wide open in disbelief.

Didnt they say that it would cost at least half of the Sword Gods internal energy to remove the poison It turned out removing the poison was just a piece of cake for him.

To make sure the plan went smoothly and help the assassin sneak into the palace, Sun Zhanghong had risked his own life and spent a lot of effort.

Much to his disappointment, the poison wasnt as powerful as it was claimed to be. Sun Zhanghong was really indignant.

Perhaps because the look of disbelief on his face was too obvious, Lin Ran turned around and looked at Sun Zhanghong. He said with a faint smile, “This minister doesnt seem to believe what Ive done.”

Sun Zhanghong was shocked and quickly lowered his head. “How would I dare to question you Im just too overcome with joy. Sword God is indeed extraordinary. God bless my emperor. Under the protection of the Sword God, the Heavenly Saint Dynasty will definitely prosper.”

The old man was quite good at bootlicking!

However, Lin Ran did not buy it. Besides, he had seen the ambitious side of Sun Zhanghong before. He said meaningfully, “If thats really what you think, it would be great.”

For some reason, Sun Zhanghong felt that there were multiple layers of meaning to his words. His heart skipped a beat at the thought that the Sword God seemed to know something.

But how was that possible!

Sun Zhanghong said awkwardly, “Sword God, my loyalty to the dynasty is unquestionable.”

Their plot could be said to be flawless, and it was very confidential. Even the Heavenly Saint Emperor did not know about it, let alone the Sword God who was in seclusion all year round.

Lin Ran did not speak for a long time. He just stared at Sun Zhanghong quietly and intently, making the atmosphere especially tense.

Fu Sirui also smelled something strange going on. He looked at the Sword God and then at Sun Zhanghong.

Cold sweat broke out on Sun Zhanghongs back, almost drenching his clothes. He was terrified that the Sword God would unsheathe his sword and slash him in half.

Fortunately, Lin Ran finally looked away and didnt say anything else, as if he was really just playing with him.

Only then did Sun Zhanghong heave a sigh of relief.

After the Sword God left, Fu Sirui said curiously, “What the Sword God said just now was a little strange.”

Sun Zhanghong forced a smile and changed the topic. “Lets go and see how His Majesty is doing first.”

Fortunately, the others did not suspect anything. After all, Sun Zhanghong had always been regarded as one of the most loyal and dedicated ministers.

The empress slowly opened her eyes and looked around, but there was no one around.

“I think I saw Grandpa Sword God. Was everything just a dream…”

At this moment, she felt that her body was unprecedentedly relaxed and her mind was clear. The sword energy not only helped her remove the poison, but it also cleansed her vessels and veins to a certain extent.

The empress was about to get out of bed when she saw something sticking out from under the pillow from the corner of her eye. Her eyes widened.

“This is!”


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