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Reproducing in Place of the Empress

Previously, a minister had brought this up once, but Emperor Sheng Yuan used the excuse of being busy with state affairs to put off the matter.


As if knowing what Emperor Sheng Yuan was going to say, Zhang Yueheng immediately interrupted,

“Now that Your Majesty has been on the throne for two years, logically speaking, the dynasty will be stable by now. Its time to consider the matter of having a crown prince. I know that Your Majesty is industrious and rarely goes to the harem, but this is a matter that needs resolving sooner or later.

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“Thats not just what I think. Its what the other ministers think too.”

Zhang Yueheng gave Emperor Sheng Yuan no room for negotiation. Apparently, the old fox couldnt wait to execute his plan.

If the empress gave birth to a son who was appointed as the crown prince, the next emperor would have the bloodline of the Zhang family. How glorious would that be

Having a crown prince grandson, Zhang Yuehengs power would be more stable. No one in the royal court could possibly challenge him. No wonder he was in such a hurry.

“Actually, Im still young. Its still too early to consider having a crown prince. Theres no need for you to be so worried about me, Grand Secretary”

No matter what, he had to put off the matter for the time being. Otherwise, he would not be able to hide his gender at all. Without that function, how could he impregnate the empress

However, it was clearly not going to be easy to get away with it this time.

“Your Majesty, may I ask what will happen in the future if something similar happens again”

Emperor Sheng Yuan was speechless. His eyes turned cold as he questioned, “Are you wishing me to die”

“I wouldnt dare!”

Zhang Yueheng knelt on the ground, looking like he was scared, but his expression was very calm.

“Im just making a hypothesis. Besides, Your Majesty hasnt stepped into the harem for so long, so its inevitable that people will talk about it and spread rumors. Your Majesty, this wont be good for you and the stability of the dynasty.”

When he said the last sentence, Zhang Yueheng seemed to be threatening.

Emperor Sheng Yuan clenched his fists in anger, but there was nothing he could do.

“In short, Im saying this for the sake of the dynasty. If Your Majesty can have a crown prince soon, I can rest in peace. I hope you can consider it carefully.”

After Zhang Yueheng left, Emperor Sheng Yuan could no longer hold back his anger. “This old fox! On the surface, he sounded like hes loyal, but in fact, hes just doing it for more power.”

It didnt seem like Zhang Yueheng would give up on his plan until he achieved his goal. There was even a hint of threat in his words.

“Given how many enemies I have internally and externally, I cant afford to fall out with him now.”

After all, Zhang Yueheng had a lot of power. If he stood against him, it would be like adding fuel to the fire and putting him in an even worse situation.

However, the question was how in the world could he make the empress pregnant

Emperor Sheng Yuan felt a headache coming on and couldnt help but sigh. “What should I do If someone can disguise as me, it might work.”

The key was that his identity was too special. Besides, this kind of thing was very risky. He had to find someone she could absolutely trust.

For a moment, Emperor Sheng Yuan was in a dilemma. He stroked the broken sword in his hand and seemed to have thought of something. His eyes lit up. “Perhaps he can help me—”

Lin Ran was a little confused when he saw the empress, who was supposed to be resting to recover, suddenly appear in the forbidden area of Mount Sword in a casual outfit.

Why did the empress want to see him as soon as she woke up Could it be that she knew he was disguising as the Sword God Or was there another reason

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

Unlike the past, the empress smiled faintly and wasnt as high and mighty as she normally looked. “Please get up. I already know your identity. You are young and promising and have obtained the legacy of the Sword God. Your future will definitely be bright.”

From the looks of it, she probably believed what the “Sword God” said and knew that Lin Ran was a trustworthy person.

Lin Ran couldnt help but praise himself for making a brilliant move.

The empress went straight to the point. “Im looking for you today because I want to entrust an important task to you.”

“Your Majesty, feel free to tell me. Ill do anything for you even if I have to go through hell.”

“Theres no need to go through hell. I just need to borrow something from you…”

After the empress finished speaking, Lin Ran was completely dumbfounded. He almost thought that the empress was joking with him.

After transmigrating and being reborn, he had seen all kinds of mind-blowing things, but what he heard just now blew his mind more than anything else.

He had never heard of such a request.

He asked in disbelief, “You mean you want me to have children with the empress in your place”

The empress nodded.

Lin Ran calmed down after a moment. After all, Emperor Sheng Yuan was also a woman.

The empress looked helpless. “I really have no choice. The Grand Secretary is pressing me very hard. If I dont do as he says, the situation in the royal court will become even more disadvantageous for me. He might even suspect me.”

“Ive been married to the empress for many years, but Ive never touched her. I think the Grand Secretary has already been suspecting and wants to take this opportunity to try me. Now, youre the only one who can help me.”

After thinking about it, the empress felt most at ease leaving this matter to Lin Ran. After all, the “Sword God” said he could be trusted.

The Sword Gods judgment of people was never wrong. If Lin Ran was a greedy and evil person, the Sword God wouldnt think so highly of him.

The empress didnt know that the previous “Sword God” was just Lin Ran in disguise.


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