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Second Sign-In, Three Essence Sword Technique

It was no wonder Lin Ran was so surprised. Anyone who saw themselves covered in dirt would find it difficult to calm down. At this moment, he was so dirty and smelly that it was as if he had not taken a shower for a century.

The first level of the Formless Sword Body, Body Transformation.

Lin Ran took a deep breath and immediately went to find a lake to wash up.

At this moment, he felt his body was filled with strength. Previously, he was under pressure when facing the sharp sword intent of Mount Sword, but now, he was probably able to walk all the way to the depths with ease.

To outsiders, these sword energy could inflict great harm. If they stayed in such a place for too long, their bodies would probably be corroded.

However, to Lin Ran, all of this was not a problem. Instead of being harmed, he felt like soaking in a hot spring. It opened up every pore on his body, making him quite comfortable.

“This place is perfect for cultivation.”

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After Lin Rans body underwent a transformation brought about by the Formless Sword, he could now use the sword energy of Heaven and Earth to help him facilitate cultivation.

In the future, no matter what kind of sword technique he practiced, he would be able to master it quickly. It was equivalent to taking a shortcut and reaching the finishing line while others were still at the starting line. This was the advantage of the Formless Sword Body.

Lin Ran could help but wonder. “At the first level, Im already so powerful. What will happen if I cultivate it to perfection”

He found a quiet place and began to cultivate.

Other than guarding the mountain and wiping the swords, there were not many things to do in Mount Sword. Besides, the spiritual swords did not need to be wiped clean every day, so Lin Ran was free most of the time.

After patrolling around the mountain and occasionally wiping the spiritual swords, as were instructed by Daoist Li, he would be able to get off work and devote the rest of the day to cultivate.

Mount Sword was an important place for the royal family where ordinary people were prohibited from entering. In addition, Daoist Li rarely showed himself.

Sometimes, Lin Ran had the illusion that there was no one else on Mount Sword except him. It was simply too liberating. He could do whatever he wanted and be a free bird.

If Li Tianyi was here, Lin Ran would definitely thank him genuinely for giving him such a good job.

Lin Ran focused on cultivation. Although his days were boring, they were very fulfilling.

With no one to disturb him, he could concentrate. In less than a month, he completely mastered the sword body.

On this day, Lin Ran sat cross-legged and meditated as usual. As if sensing something, he slowly opened his eyes.

This time, he heard faint footsteps behind him.

“Youve done a job this month. You adapted quickly to the work at Mount Sword.”

As expected, when he turned around, he saw a white-browed old man. Daoist Li was still wearing the same old Daoist robe and he was as unpredictable as always.

However, this time, Lin Ran was very calm. The Sword Body made his five senses extremely acute. It wasnt exaggerated to say that nothing within a hundred kilometers could escape his eyes and ears.

This was the second time Lin Ran met Daoist Li. It had only been only a month but it felt like a lifetime ago.

Lin Ran said very humbly, “Thank you for your guidance, Daoist Li.”

Daoist Li nodded and handed Lin Ran a jade token.

“With this token, you can go into Mount Sword to take a look. As I said, dont go too deep lest you put your life in danger.”

Lin Ran took the jade token. He did not know what material the jade token was made of, but he felt that it was slightly cold to the touch. On it was a sword-shaped symbol that looked very exquisite.

“Thank you, Daoist Li.”

Being allowed to go into Mount Sword meant that his workload had increased because he had to wipe more swords. However, Lin Ran was actually excited about it.

The deeper he went into Mount Sword, the better the quality of the spiritual sword would be. This meant that the reward for signing in in the future would be even greater. It was another opportunity for him.

Daoist Li did not stay for long. After giving a few more instructions, he left again. Lin Ran was already used to him coming and going like a ghost.

After Daoist Li was nowhere to be seen, Lin Ran couldnt wait to go into Mount Sword. As expected, the pressure here was stronger, but it posed no threat to him.

If Daoist Li was here, he would definitely be surprised because Lin Ran didnt use the power in the jade token.

All kinds of spiritual swords came into sight. Surrounded by them, it felt like he had entered a world of swords.

He was an intruder in this world that belonged only to swords, but the Formless Sword Body could allow Lin Ran to blend in very well. It was as if he had been one of them all along.

The white sword shone brightly like the Milky Way was contained within. Lin Ran was instantly attracted to it. The sword hilt was engraved with the pattern of the sun and the moon. It was natural and filled with indescribable Dao runes.

“Three Essence Sword.”

Looking at the extraordinary sword in front of him, Lin Ran couldnt help but reach out to touch it.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in and obtaining the Three Essence Sword Technique.]

After a month, the system notification sounded again.

A book that was glowing with divine light appeared in Lin Rans hand and quickly entered his body. What followed a feeling of weightlessness was Lin Rans soul being pulled into the void.


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