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The Power of the Nine Yin-Yang Swords, Ninth Level of the Senior Grandmaster Realm!

The so-called Nine Yin-Yang Swords was actually a way to collect Yin to replenish Yang in order to increase Lin Rans strength quickly without any side effects.

The empress was red all over her body. She felt that her body was heating up, forcing her to find a way to quench it.

The coldness “Sheng Yuan Emperor” gave off was like ice in the summer, making her want to get closer to him.

She was like a traveler walking in the desert who had finally found the oasis. She could not help but blush and moan. It was only until the latter half of the night did they stop.

There was Yin and Yang in the world, and it was only right for Yin and Yang to intertwine.

At this moment, under Lin Rans continuous banging, the empress was completely out of her mind. She was dizzy and her jade-like body was clinging to his, swaying like a lone boat in the vast sea.

If she could open her eyes, she would definitely discover that everything around her was filled with indescribable sword intent. However, at the center, they werent affected at all.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Ran finally withdrew. He looked at the empress, who was lying weakly on the bed. Her cheeks were red like ripe peaches, and the air was filled with sweetness.

Before dawn, Lin Ran changed his identity back with Emperor Sheng Yuan without being noticed.

The next day, the empress appeared with a radiant smile. The concubines greeted her. Looking at the empresss glowy face, they were so jealous that the handkerchief in their hands was almost torn.

Why did the emperor only visit the empress Why were they neglected

In recent years, because Emperor Sheng Yuan had never stepped into the harem, rumors had already spread that he was impotent. Now that the rumors were debunked, how could these consorts sit still

Lin Ran thought that this matter would be over. Unexpectedly, Empress Sheng Yuan came looking for him again.

“What Are you saying that there are other consorts! Do you really treat me as a stallion who can go on spreading seeds non-stop”

He couldnt help but complain. Good lord, if this continued, he would die of exhaustion.

The empress looked helpless.

“Since the empress has been satisfied, the other consorts cant be neglected, right These days, theyve been trying their best to create opportunities to see me. Theyve been giving me tonic soup and singing and dancing for me. Im so annoyed.”

After getting to know Lin Ran for the past few days, the empress did not put on any airs. She gradually opened her heart to him and complained to him about the annoying trivial stuff in her life.

Lin Ran couldnt help but want to laugh when he heard that. He teased, “It seems like youve been quite lucky with women recently.”

The empress teased back. “Arent you the one who gets everything I heard that when the empress walked out of her chamber, she had to hold the wall because her legs were trembling.”

After saying that, she looked Lin Ran up and down and said meaningfully, “I really didnt expect you to be so good at that.”

Lin Rans smile immediately froze.

“Just help me until the end. Otherwise, Ill really be pestered to death by those consorts. Moreover, if I dont take good care of them, Im afraid the forces behind those consorts will probably be displeased at me for showing bias.”

At that time, in order to successfully ascend the throne, Emperor Sheng Yuan took in consorts from influential families. Fortunately, she was a woman, so there were not many consorts.

Otherwise, Lin Ran would die like an overworked cow.”

Because the empress was persistent, Lin Ran had no choice but to agree.

From then on, his peaceful cultivation days were disrupted.

At night, Lin Ran would disguise as Emperor Sheng Yuan and have fun in the harem. During the day, he would cultivate like a conch without stopping.

However, the benefits were considerable. Every time he was doing that kind of thing, Lin Ran would use the Nine Yin-Yang Swords. This method was different from those unorthodox methods.

Not only could Lin Rans strength increase, but it was also very beneficial to these consorts. These sword energies had already been transformed, so even if the consorts werent in the Martial Dao, they wouldnt be hurt by it.

On the contrary, because of Lin Rans nourishing them, their skin became fairer and smoother, and their overall health also improved. However, this was not obvious in the short term.

In the forbidden area of Mount Sword.

Lin Ran sat cross-legged as he focused on cultivating, digesting the power he had obtained through the Nine Yin-Yang Swords.

Over the past few days, he finally managed to give every consort the care and attention they deserved. Fortunately, Lin Ran was different from ordinary people and had the support of the Formless Sword Body. Otherwise, he would really die of exhaustion.

A stream of air was slowly flowing in his veins and vessels. It was like a stone suddenly being thrown into a calm lake, causing a huge splash.

A bright sun slowly rose, bringing with it a heat that could burn all living things. At this moment, Lin Rans entire body was red through and through like a cooked prawn.

Violent energy surged through his body. If not for the fact that he had the sword body, he wouldnt be able to withstand such enormous energy.

At the critical moment, the silver moon rose and hung high in the sky, scattering a cold light that dispelled the heat brought by the sun. The originally restless energy was also appeased.

The sun and the moon, both representing the Yang and the Yin, were in front of Lin Ran.

The sun and moon were close to each other, forming a strange scene. They seemed to be opposing each other, but in fact, they complemented each other.

As they fused with each other, Lin Rans level continued to rise.

Fourth level of the Senior Grandmaster Realm!

Fifth level!

Ninth level of the Senior Grandmaster Realm!

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It only stopped when he reached the ninth level of the Senior Grandmaster Realm.


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