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Terrifying Cultivation Speed, Ninth Level Martial Master

Lin Ran had already completely mastered the Starlight Chapter and was at the ninth level of the Martial Master Realm. He vaguely felt that he had reached a plateau. He was just a step away from entering another realm, but he couldnt take the step no matter what.

Something was missing, and it wasnt something that could be obtained from training. Perhaps, Lin Ran thought, he needed an opportunity of some kind.

Lin Ran was very curious about the top of Mount Sword. When he was about to wipe the sword, he stopped. WIth a strike of his sword, the huge rocks shattered, destroying the deep sword marks.

If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to find out that someone had once practiced swordsmanship here.

Although no one would step into Mount Sword without permission, Lin Ran was still cautious and did not want anyone to know his true strength. Otherwise, such a profound sword technique would definitely be coveted by many people.

After all, he had yet to meet the mysterious third person that Daoist Li mentioned.

“Today, Im going to see whats on the mountaintop.”

One of the forbidden areas Daoist Li mentioned included the mountaintop. However, because of that strange sound, Lin Ran felt compelled to get to the bottom of it even if it meant putting his life at risk.

The main peak in front of him was the highest peak of Mount Sword. The sound came from above. Looking down from above, the entire peak looked like a sharp sword that was inserted into the center of Mount Sword.

The sword intent in the air seemed to be able to materialize. Even the spiritual swords here were filled with murderous aura.

Lin Ran realized that the sword intent of the spiritual swords was the weakest at the outer layer of Mount Sword. However, the deeper one got, the more murderous aura they emitted.

If it were him three months ago, he would definitely not be able to withstand such pressure. Even with his current cultivation and the help of the sword body and the jade token, after taking only a hundred steps, his chest became heavier and heavier, and his breathing began to quicken.

Lin Ran frowned. “Something is unusual here.”

He originally thought that he should be able to walk freely on Mount Sword now. After all, he was by no means weak. However, after walking a few hundred meters, he felt as if a huge rock was chained to his ankles, forcing him to slow down.

Lin Ran took another small step forward under the huge pressure. In an instant, a terrifying pressure suddenly pressed down on his shoulders. Beads of sweat instantly appeared on his forehead, and a deep pit was formed under his feet.

“Is this area protected by a formation”

At this moment, he was still some distance away from the top. It seemed to be within arms reach, but it was actually far away. Lin Ran wanted to continue on, but unfortunately, he couldnt withstand the pressure.

If he continued in, the pressure would probably crush his bones before he reached the top, so he had no choice but to give up.

“It seems that I underestimated Mount Sword.”

Lin Ran was certain that there was something on the top of this main peak. Otherwise, it wouldnt be filled with such pressure. “Ill come back one day!”

He couldnt afford to be careless. After all, he would remain in Mount Sword for the foreseeable future. There was no need to take such a big risk now.

Just as Lin Ran was about to return, he caught sight of a slender sword and was instantly attracted to it.

Compared to the other swords that were emitting a murderous aura, this sword in front of him was especially gentle like a gust of wind.

If one thought that it was harmless because it was gentle, they would be wrong. As Lin Ran reached out to wipe it, in the next second, a sharp wind blade carrying strong force swept past him. Fortunately, it did not hurt Lin Ran at all.

“What a special sword.”

[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in. You have obtained Sword Flight.]

Hearing the mention of Sword Flight, Lin Ran knew that it was something good. When he opened the technique book, he was stunned to see blank page after blank page.

“Why is that”

A row of faint words appeared on the top of the book before slowly dissipating into the air. It turned out that there was a requirement to cultivate this technique. It required one to first reach the Realm of Senior Martial Master.

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Because his cultivation was not high enough, he could only see blank pages.

In the second peak of Mount Sword.

Multicolored light intertwined like a golden dragon swimming through the clouds. With the cry of a dragon, the sword intent broke through the endless clouds, causing the red sun to finally break free from the shackles of the sea of clouds.

Sheathing his sword and returning it to its sheath, Lin Ran did everything to perfection. On the top of the mountain, the silhouette of a figure could be seen standing at the edge, looking into the yonder. It was Lin Ran.

He let out a long sigh as he looked at the setting sun. The world fell into a silence again as he walked down the mountain slowly like an ordinary person.

No one could tell that it was him who was causing that impact just now.

“Now looking back, I realized its already been a year…”

A year passed without him even noticing it. The four seasons came and went without affecting Mount Sword much. It looked just like the way when he first came here.

He originally thought that it should be easy to break through from the ninth level of the Martial Master Realm to the Senior Martial Master Realm. After all, he was only a level away. However, he did not expect to be stuck at this bottleneck for a year.

Actually, this was very normal. After all, it was a watershed. Some people would be stuck at a bottleneck for a hundred years, while others could be immediately enlightened and enter a new realm. All of this depended on fate.

From a commoner to a ninth-level Martial Master, no one across the continent couldve repeated what Lin Ran had done. If word got out, it would probably cause a sensation. Even the most famous sword genius could not achieve what Lin Ran had, but he still felt that it was too slow.

Seeing that he was not making any progress, he said to himself, “Maybe I should take a short trip outside the mountain. I might find something new.”

With this idea in mind, he, for the first time in a year, stepped out of Mount Sword.


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