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Chapter 101: The Dark Elf


On the hill outside of the small town, Yun Xi saw twelve shooting stars shooting into the sky.


“I hope that everything will go smoothly,” Yun Xi prayed to the stars with his fingers crossing together.

After that, he felt his seeds’ situations through the threads, then took a deep breath with relief.


It seemed that the seeds wouldn’t lose efficacy as long as they were still under the starlight.


Although it was hard to feel the seeds that were too far away, but the invisible threads were still unbroken.

He hoped that after obtaining his seeds, El’phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li would be successful in their lives.

It was a really painful thing to say goodbye to them.


“El’phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li, I hope that someday, we can meet each other again!”


With this wish in his mind, Yun Xi turned back and began to head back to the small town.

However, when he walked to the foot of the hill, an impulsion suddenly raised in his heart.

He suddenly remembered the secret base that he had built together with Hua Huo.

There were too many of his sweet memories.

He had spent too much time with Hua Huo, El’phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li in there.

His childhood sweethearts and him often played games in that place.


In the spring, they often picked wild flowers in there.

In the summer, they were often barefoot, playing beside the stream.

In the autumn, they often baked sweet potatoes in there.

Except for the winter, they didn’t go there because the weather was too cold, they had left too many shared memories in there.


After he left the small town, it was very likely that nobody would go to that place again.

He was afraid that the tree which was engraved with the pattern “Yun Xi – Hua Huo” would be gradually forgotten in his heart with the passage of time.


“If so… I’d better to go there to take a last glance,” Yun Xi whispered.

He didn’t know that he had made a stupid decision, which he would regret for a long time in the future.

After all, he couldn’t predict the future and couldn’t see what the situation in the valley was now.

Under the moon, Yun Xi leisurely walked to the valley,his and his childhood sweethearts’ secret base.


That place contained too many of his memories.

His memory was becoming more and more clearer as he walked towards that place.

In there, he had experienced the hardes limit practice in his life, and squeezed out his greatest potential.

When Yun Xi walked to the entrance of the valley, he saw the sword mark, which he had left the last time he was there.

However, something in the air was wrong.


“It’s the taste of blood.

Did some injured animal run into this valley” Yun Xi sniffed with a confused look.


Well, that was rare.

Yun Xi didn’t know the reason, but very few animals would come to this valley.

At least, after him and his childhood sweethearts had built this valley as their secret base, he had never seen any wild animal coming to this place, as if there was some power protecting this valley, making it a fantastic place of peace.

However, it looked like this place had been invaded by some unknown animal now.

The scent of blood was so strong.

He had a feeling that the animal must be hurt badly.


“Is it a deer or sheep” Yun Xi wasn’t good at distinguishing the smell of different animals, however, it shouldn’t be some small animal like rabbit, because the scent of blood was too strong.


Yun Xi didn’t think that it was a ferocious beast.

After all, this place wasn’t in the remote mountains.

The Five Tiger Generals had killed all the ferocious beasts near the small town.

Yun Xi walked into the valley.

He sniffed the scent of blood in the dark and searched for the injured animal.


Under the moon, the grass in the valley was covered with hazy light.

This was his first time coming to the valley in the deep night, and he found that it was more vivifying than in the daytime.

Maybe the unknown animal was following its instinct to come here to try find some herbs.

However, Yun Xi didn’t think that it was still alive.

Even if it was a deer or sheep, after bleeding so much, it should be unable to survive.


Yun Xi had prepared himself to find and bury the unknown animal as his last commemoration before he left.

Then he saw her, the lonely figure who was sleeping under the tree.

She had pale white hair, drawn pointy ears and was covered with a ragged, bloody cloak.

He could see her black skin and the “V” shaped wound on her body.


This was a living being that was very rare in Eastern God’s Domain.


“Dark… elf” Yun Xi was dumbfounded.


It wasn’t a deer nor a sheep, but a dying girl.

If her chest didn’t still heave slowly, Yun Xi would have thought that she had died.

No matter how Yun Xi looked at it, the V-shaped wound was undoubtedly a fatal wound.

He could even see bones through the wound.

She was seriously injured and the wound was so creepy.

It was already a miracle to see that she was still alive.


“Ha… cough…” The dark elf felt that someone was here.

With a loud cough, she strenuously opened her eyes, gazing at Yun Xi.


“Well… do you want to say something as your last words I can help you pass on the words to your family.” Yun Xi felt sorry for her, but he didn’t have any method to save the dark elf girl.


“Come… here…” The dark elf girl struggled with a dangerous intent hiding in her eyes.


However, Yun Xi didn’t notice it.

After all, who would suspect a dying person


“Well, I promise that I will listen very carefully,” Yun Xi thought that she was going to say her last words, so he got close to her with pity.


“You… don’t know… he… is everywhere…” The dark elf girl cast a spiritual spell, trying to capture Yun Xi’s body and soul.


“Eh What are you saying Can you say it clearly” Yun Xi looked at the dying girl with a confused look.


“Ga!” The dark elf girl spat out blood.

She was one step closer to death itself.


She wanted to live! She must survive!


The dark elf girl used her last strength to draw out a half golden flower from her inside pocket, then strenuously chewed it.


“What a pleasant fragrance of flowers!” Yun Xi smelt the scent of the elf’s flower.

His heart suddenly started to beat faster.

He had never smelt this scent, but it was so sweet, fragrant and intoxicating.


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