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Chapter 119: Tropical Temptation


After another long, gentle, sweet kiss, Yun Xi was finally freed from Xiao Cao’s offensive attacks and escaped his fate of being drowned in kisses.


No! I must stop her! If she continued, Yun Xi doubted how long could he stop one of his body part’s raising.

He took advantage of his height, decisively holding Xiao Cao in his arms.


Because Yun Xi was a head taller than Xiao Cao, he could easily take her whole body in his arms, stopping her wild attack in this weird manner.


“Xiao Cao… You are wrong! We are friends, but… but you can’t do this to your regular friends!” Yun Xi strenuously suppressed his desire and tried to persuade Xiao Cao at the same time.


“Regular friends can’t do this Then what kind of friends can do this” Xiao Cao asked with curiosity.

Her tongue softly touched and slipped around Yun Xi’s neck, making him shiver as if he was getting an electric shock.


“Well… I, I have very few friends…” Yun Xi didn’t know how to answer her question.


He had tried this game with his childhood sweetheart many times, but none of them were as fervent as Xiao Cao.


Xiao Cao’s mysterious friend, what had you taught Xiao Cao!


“Puff! Puff!”


“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”


“Yo-ho! Yo-ho!”


Yun Xi heard strange sounds again.


By the way, wasn’t the temperature around him too warm


The storm was just dispelled and now it was really a sunny day.

However, Yun Xi felt hot as if he was in a tropical rainforest.


Xiao Cao was hugged in his arms at this moment.

She was like a colorful fish who was emitting bright lights, catching Yun Xi’s eyes tightly.


Yun Xi’s hands touched Xiao Cao’s skin.

Her skin was so smooth and soft, not like a civilian at all.

Yun Xi remembered that her skin was rough due to her hard life and too much practice.


What had exactly happened to Xiao Cao when she was missing


“I… I also don’t have too many friends.

So, I’m glad to know that you are willing to be my friend, Mei!” Xiao Cao said.

Her voice was quiet and gentle, as warm as a strand of grass in the tropic sea.


Why is Xiao Cao so cute


What is this feeling in my heart


Isn’t the temperature around me too high


“Puff! Puff!”


“Pa pa pa pa!”


“Drip! Whoa! Drip!”



What is the sound exactly


It didn’t sound like the water or the waves slapping on the beach, but come from a more far away place in the deeper water.


“Hvwalar!” The several whales leapt out of the water and passed by each others.

The water they carried formed a big heart-shaped symbol in the air.


“My new friends are saying that I can’t let the chance slip.

Mei is my best friend!”


Xiao Cao said firmly.


As a girl from a remote and poor village, she didn’t have any teacher or legacy.


She was like a strand of grass in the wild, practicing her sword skill all by herself.


She valued her friends more than anyone.


Especially Mei.

After taking a strand of her magical black hair, her whole world was turned upside down.


If Xiao Cao was like a strand of grass in the wild in the past, then Yun Xi’s seed was like a drop of sweet dew, making her vibrant with life.


Xiao Cao appreciated Yun Xi’s seed so much.

She didn’t good at speaking, so she just kept her gratitude firmly in her heart.


Friend is important.


Mei is special.


Therefore, I want to be her best friend.

I want to stay with her forever.



We are best friends.”


Yun Xi could only accept her.

After all, who could refuse such an innocent girl


Even if Xiao Cao didn’t have his seed, she was still an attractive girl.


Who would not want to have such a friend


“Mei is my friend!” Xiao Cao smiled.

She didn’t take further steps, because that was all her friends had taught her.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”


“Puff! Puff! Puff!”


One giant, gratitude balloon after another shot up from the sea.

They exploded and sprayed in the air, reflecting different color.


Deep purples and bright reds.


Emerald green and dark blue.


White gold and not pink.


Various color and different shapes made the small beach looked like a aquarium, full of dreamy atmosphere.


“Is that your friend” Finally, Yun Xi persuaded Xiao Cao to put on the clothes which he temporarily made by using leaves.

After that, he looked at a location in the sea.



A very, very beautiful new friend.

But she is a little big.”


Xiao Cao nodded.

then pointed at her own skin, which was obviously more smooth and delicate than past.


“She let me drink her milk.

Delicious and good for health.”


Milk Very big Thoughts thronged Yun Xi’s mind.

That contained abundant information.






“Puff! Puff!”


Giant water waves shot up from the sea.

The mysterious creature who carried Xiao Cao to the island started to dive.

After a while, the creature and the several whales disappeared in the horizon.


“Has she gone What a pity.

I want to let Mei drink her milk too!” Xiao Cao waved her hands to them with a regrettable look.


“What… is its race exactly” Yun Xi gazed at the sea.

In the end, he still didn’t know what Xiao Cao’s friend was.


“Hum… My friend, has big breasts.

She is the biggest.

Vey beautiful, very soft, and take care of me very much!” Xiao Cao said with a natural look, although her ambiguous describe really made Yun Xi feel confused.


However, this was not a problem.


Xiao Cao had come back.


He saved all the thirty-seven female swordsmen! No one was less.


Yun Xi held Xiao Cao’s hands with a bright smile, walking on the way leading to their camping ground.


“Help! Help me! Whooooh! Anybody here Please help me!”


Suddenly and surprisedly, Yun Xi heard a pitiful, cute and heart-touching voice.


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