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Chapter 124: Enemies Forever


No one would deny that Yun Xi’s hand-made bread was one of the best foods in the world, from both the meaning of to fill the belly and to satisfy the desire of mouth.

Even Hua Yue who was born an aristocratic miss and had lived an extravagant life since her childhood, was full of praise for Yun Xi’s bread.


In that case, there was a problem.


“Gee” Mumu looked at the last piece of butter bread with desire.

She licked her lips and grasped Yun Xi’s hand, acting like a spoiled child.


“Ah” Xiao Cao hurriedly finished eating her piece of butter bread and stood up, not even wiping off the white cream on her lips.


“No more butter bread” Hua Yue drew out her silk scarf.

She gracefully wiped off the white cream from the corners of her mouth and also gazed at the last butter bread.


Well, undoubtedly, the owner of the last piece of butter bread was Yun Xi.

He held it in his hand, speechlessly looking at the three girls around him.


Mumu was still a child, so her behavior was understandable.

But why were Xiao Cao and Hua Yue also looking at him with longing and strong hints in their eyes


Xiao Cao, aren’t you a girl who doesn’t mind your food’s taste and will feel satisfied as long as the food can fill your belly


Hua Yue, your family should have much better tasting food than my butter bread!


Why are you looking at me like that I’m hungry, too!


“Zizzy!” Xiao Cao and Hua Yue ignored Mumu, who was shaking Yun Xi’s hand.

They looked at each other like diamond striking diamond.


“Well, I still want it,” Xiao Cao sighed.

She wiped off the cream from her mouth, then stood up  and claimed, “Mei’s last piece of butter bread is mine!”


“What a coincidence.

I think so too!” Hua Yue also stood up.

With her action, her two “mountains”, which were wrapped by bandages on her chest and half exposed to the air, made Yun Xi almost expose his true identity in an “unmentionable method”.


“The best should belong to the strongest leader!” Xiao Cao moved her hands and legs, warming up her body.

Her leaf-made clothes were fit for battle and wouldn’t impede her motions at all.


“I agree with you.

It’s the time to decide who is the leader again.

Otherwise, Mei will be bothered.” Hua Yue used new bandages to bind her half exposed breasts again.


With the help of her bloodline, the wounds on her ribs had already recovered at a speed that was way faster than her estimation.

Not only so, after seeing that terrible presence, her White Gold Rose Bloodline had some unknown new changes.

Hua Yue didn’t know the reason why, but she guessed that it was due to Mei.


“Hence, let’s start the second round of duel!”


Xiao Cao didn’t know too much about noble family’s rules.

As a girl from a small village, she trusted in her strength more than anyone.


“Oh oh oh oh, big sisters are going to fight again!”


“Who will be the winner I guess it will be Big Sister Hua Yue!”


“No, Xiao Cao isn’t inferior to Hua Yue.

If she had a better weapon, she wouldn’t be defeated so easily.”



I think that their winning percentage is half to half.”


After the girls saw that Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were going to fight again, regardless of the reason, their duel had naturally drawn everyone’s attention.


As the noble girls’ representative, Hua Yue’s leadership and prestige were recognized by all the female swordsman in the group.

As the civilian girls’ representative, Xiao Cao learned perfect sword skills by practicing on her own.

She was respected by all the female swordsman in the group.


This female swordsman group centered around “Mei” as its core, formed imperceptibly by Hua Yue and Xiao Cao.


Hua Yue’s natural noble style and noble golden hair let everybody accept her leadership.

However, Xiao Cao’s sword skill that was self-taught also shocked their hearts and made them admire her.


The two people stood for two different styles.

The white gold rose.

The tough little grass.


Hua Yue had won the first battle, and this laid the foundation for her leadership within the female swordsman group.

But now, the second round battle was going to start.

Xiao Cao threw down the challenge to the current leader, Hua Yue, as a brave challenger.


“Don’t fight… If you want to eat butter bread, I can immediately make more now!” Yun Xi looked at Xiao Cao and Hua Yue with a dumbfounded look.

He didn’t expect that they were going to duel simply because of a piece of butter bread.



That’s not the point,” Xiao Cao said and shook her head.



This is a duel between us girls!” Hua Yue said with a serious and holy look.


“For bread.”


“Let’s fight!”


As if their battle from the entrance test had reappeared again, Hua Yue was still holding her gorgeous white gold crossed sword in her hand, Xiao Cao was still holding an iron sword that was reforged by using the fragments of her broken sword.


Compared to their last battle, there was still a great gap between their weapons.

However, Xiao Cao’s sword wouldn’t be broken so easily again.

The reforged black iron sword was much heavier and harder because it had been mixed with more hard materials.


“I know.

You have reached the third rank.” Hua Yue took a deep breath.


Her eyes instantly become clear and pure.

She had disregarded all her distracting thoughts.

Xiao Cao wasn’t a rival she could let her guard down against.

If she wanted to win, she must do her best.


“The same as you,” Xiao Cao said.


She had figured out Hua Yue’s true strength, only a step away from reaching the peak of the third rank.

They knew each other very well, as if there was an invisible string linking them, making them inseparable.

Of course, not only them, all the members of the female swordsman group, including Mumu, had the same feeling in their hearts.


They were on the same invisible web, linking their souls and blood through one invisible thread after another, and at the center of that web was the mysterious black-haired girl.


Xiao Cao and Hua Yue were like a binary star system, closely rotating around the center of the web.

They were beautiful, strong, healthy, and energetic, both having the same great talent.

This was an inevitable battle between them.


“Mei’s bread is mine!”


“No way! I was first to claim it!”


With a glint and flash of their swords, their battle started.


That was a sword’s song, gorgeous and beautiful.

It not only symbolized their youth and friendship, but also symbolized their envy and glory.


The heavy white gold crossed sword cut and slashed against the austere black iron sword again and again, generating dazzling sparks between them.


Hua Yue’s holy crossed sword skill was one of the most direct sword skills.

In Hua Yue’s hand, her sword skill was not only gorgeous, but also powerful.

In contrast, Xiao Cao’s sword skill had become tougher with the sea’s boundless artistic conception in it.

It had reduced a little hardness, but also had increased a little softness at the same time.



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