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Chapter 13: Sleeping Beauty’s Kiss


Her naked feet was little and dainty, and only a little bit bigger than Yun Xi’s palm.

There was almost zero distance between her lovely small feet and the brambles.

It seemed that any slight movement would cause a dropping bloody end.


Her white insteps and delicate lower legs constituted a beautiful arc.

Her snow-white toes slightly curled up like cat’s claws.

She looked pretty shy and lovely.

A perfect artwork in the world.


The sleeping beauty had black and smooth long hair.

Her black and smooth long hair was spread on the tree-made bed, having an elegant, peaceful, and slightly bright feeling.


Her face looked long but pretty and delicate, charming and soft, but also with some naivety.

If she smiled, she must look innocent, feminine, and tender.


However, it looked like she was experiencing a nightmare.

Her eyebrows were slightly frowned, it seemed like she wanted to open her eyes, but couldn’t do this seemingly simple action.


Her crescent long eyebrows, two lines of serried eyelashes, her pretty and proud nose and her red and nifty lips.

In addition to her smooth, delicate and paper-like skin, these made her look like a princess.


Even if she was only wearing nightclothes, it couldn’t block her natural and exalted appearance.


She was the sleeping beauty in the dark forest.

This was the only information Yun Xi knew.


He didn’t know where she was from, and why she was sleeping in the dark forest, surrounded by countless sharp brambles.


“Sorry!” Yun Xi felt guilty and tried to tear away the black brambles from her surrounding.


“Hiss!” At the next moment, Yun Xi was so pained that he felt his hands had almost been numbed.


These brambles were far sharper than they looked, even giving him an illusion that it would bite at his flesh.


Yun Xi’s hands were already drenched with blood after he tore away one of the brambles.


For fear that the sleeping beauty would get wounded due to these black brambles, he carefully tore away these terrible black brambles from the outmost part.

Bit by bit, using his hands.


In the tree-made bed, the sleeping girl’s snow-white skin reflected jade-like lights under the glimmering lights, which made her holy and inviolable.


Indistinctly, tendons and muscles appeared on her beautiful insteps.

Viewing them from Yun Xi’s sight, her slippery pink soles were unexpectedly soft.


Look at her tidy toes and smooth skin! Five white jade-like toes connected together tightly.

The rounded tip of her toes were like five crouched little white rabbits—they were flurried but also happy, with a wonderful but coy look


Her rubicund soles were as soft as silk, and her arches were as white as crystal.

Her jade-white heels were ruddy in color and so appealing, making him unwilling to release them.


“Hiss!” Yun Xi tore away another black bramble from the sleeping girl’s side, resulting in a deep wound appearing on his hand.


Something was wrong with these brambles!


Yun Xi looked at his bloody hands.

In order to run away from Hua Huo’s side, he even abandoned his own weapon—the iron sword—simply in order to save a little body strength.


There wasn’t enough time!


A series of weird *Click! Click!* sounds rang in his ear.

In such a quiescent dark forest, no one else would make such a noise.


Just do it! Yun Xi reached out his hands and desperately tore the tough black brambles at full force.

And at the same time, the corner of his eyes were also looking at the path.


Yun Xi hoped that he didn’t see the girl who was speedily rushing here.

He was spooked.


Hua Huo—his childhood sweetheart and a genius swordmaiden.

He thought he had thought of her to the greatest extent.

(TL: His image of her in his mind).


However, the ability Hua Huo showed now was worse than his wildest imagination.


She wasn’t running.

She was “flying”.



Technically, she was “stepping in the air”.

By drawing support from the countless big trees in the dark forest, her feet continuously stepped on the tree trunks.

Every step would cause a fast turn.


The trees in the dark forest became her footholds for flying in the air.

Her every step was so fast that Yun Xi had an illusion that he was a slowly crawling snail, while Hua Huo was an elegant and smart hummingbird.


Apparently, her body was still in the range of humans, and Yun Xi could even see that her body was uncoordinated, just like himself.

However, with her continuous turns in the air, Hua Huo displayed 300% of her body’s potential.


This kind of “stepping in the air” was already beyond Yun Xi’s imagination.

It needed an extreme genius to calculate, react, and prejudge.

If it was him, he probably couldn’t learn a little, even if he practiced to death for thousands of times.


Compared to Hua Huo’s ability to “step in the air”, the stupid green hippo’s combat skill was as clumsy as an original crawler.


They were both at the 3rd Rank, but Hua Huo was like a legendary hero unit.

As for the green hippo, he could only be considered as a big monster among all the normal monsters.


Why was there such a giant gap among different people!


No, time was running out!


Yun Xi shook his head.

He didn’t care that pale bones had been exposed from out of his hands.

At the price of almost losing the feeling of his hands, he tore away the last bramble from the sleeping beauty.


“Eh” It seemed that she could feel that somebody was getting close to her.

The sleeping beauty girl had a slightly depressed look, and her white-soft small feet slightly shivered.


“I’m sorry.

This is a dream, a dream!” Yun Xi hypnotized to himself.

Facing the sleeping beauty with his bloody hands, he kissed the girl with courage.


“Ah!” The sleeping beauty woke up.

Yun Xi saw her eyes.


What a pair of beautiful eyes!


Inside her black pupils, it was free and easy, like she had seen all the beauties of the world.

To be able to remain indifferent to whatever happened.

But also, her eyes were so clear, like a pool of unsullied water, and could make anyone’s heart calm down after seeing her pupils.


However, at the next moment, her eyes changed.


As if it was a flame and lightning, like a flashlight, but also as if it was a bright light exploding inside the furious sea of lava.

It almost ignited Yun Xi’s whole body.


“Little Xi! You have become a playboy!” Hua Huo was stepping on the air and turning towards him.

With the dancing of the lightning of her sword, she displayed an awesome sword skill, which Yun Xi had never seen before.


Like a flying swallow hovering in the sky, and also like a dragon dancing in the air.

At that instant, Yun Xi had a jumpy feeling.


“How dare you!” The sleeping beauty barely reached out one of her small hands and signed a sword sign in the air.


Signing in the air.

It wasn’t a power mortals could have.

At least, it was a super power which belonged to 4th Ranked Heroes, or higher.


However, all of this had no relation with Yun Xi himself.


The bright lights of the stars fell down and covered Yun Xi’s body after turning into a light beam.

Yun Xi’s body turned into countless silver-blue particles and returned to the real world.


“Congratulations, master! You finished the rookie trial!”


Mei’er’s voice sounded pretty cute right now.


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